The Babywit Story

Babywit was founded by a stay-at-home mom with a sense of humor who refused to resign herself to dressing her daughter in bland T-shirts covered in bears or other equally uninteresting creatures.


Babywit creates quirky, eclectic T-shirts that show the world your baby has serious style. We have the largest collection of comic infant and toddler T-shirts on the Internet. We were tired of seeing cute rainbows, hearts and bears on baby shirts. Especially bears. We hated bears. And so, in 2003, Rosalee launched, a company that designs baby T-shirts with an adult sensibility.

We used to purchase our blanks from American Apparel but in 2017 they shut down after being bought by Gildan. in the interim we shifted over to purchasing from Royal Apparel so some of our shades of colors may shift from the photos we have online as we change our catalog. We are also looking at bringing some manufacturing of blanks in house. They cost us twice as much, but they're made in a sweatshop-free environment and are of better quality than anything else we've tested.** (Plus, both the black infant bodysuits and raglan-sleeved toddler shirts are tragically hip.) We hand-press our T-shirts using retro iron-on transfers. (Those of us who lived through the 70's will remember the decal shops in the local shopping mall.)

Our hipster toddler clothes include a wide assortment of nontraditional designs that you will be hard pressed to find anywhere else. Portlandia even features Babywit's Sonic Youth and Billy Bragg shirts in their Squiggleman episode! 

Be sure to check out the most comfortable baby outfit on the planet (and stylish too!) Wondersuits, designed by Rosalee Rester, makes the best new mom gifts. It is an all-in-one outfit with no snaps, no zippers, no velcro, no buttons, no elastic and no hassle.

All Tender Wondersuits branded clothing is manufactured locally in Portland, Oregon.

We recently added Gerber Onesies to our website in the newborn size because the word Onesies is the most often used search term but we are legally not allowed to use the word Onesies except in reference to Gerber Onesies as they hold the trademark for this term. Although they are manufactured overseas, the ones we carry are made from Organic Cotton We purchase these at full price and do not have any relationship or affiliation with Gerbers.

Baby Wit LLC is a small, Portland, Oregon-based woman owned company. We proudly pay our taxes, and despite the ill-advised humor, are generally nice people.

Rosalee Rester making your t-shirts.

Rosalee Making T-shirts

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