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Baby Clothes, Unique Baby Gifts & Cool Baby Accessories

Baby Wit carries a unique assortment of baby clothes, baby gifts and baby accessories for that amazing bundle of joy in your life. We try and focus on made in the USA products but do occasionally add products made overseas. Baby Wit offers our own custom made shirts. Select from the decals, pick your color, style and size and we make them right here in Portland, OR. From baby rock clothes (Sonic Youth, Ramones), cool baby clothes (Bill Murray, The Dude) funny baby clothes like "That's What She Said" to rock baby onesies, unique stuffed animals and some seriously stylish diaper bags, Baby Wit offers the coolest baby gifts and products around! Check out our best-selling Johnny Cash "Folsom Prison" one piece under our Baby Rock Theme; or click on your favorite decal to create your new baby's perfect shirt!