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Rosalee's Favorites

Rebecca and I sit around a lot of the day playing Pandora stations we have specially cultivated, coming up with new and zany ideas for t-shirts (Rebecca's latest was a shirt that said 'Not my boyfriend' with the hand pointing to the dude sitting next to her that isn't her boyfriend because she doesn't have a boyfriend but she would really like to have a boyfriend and this guy isn't helping any. I would wear this shirt but I don't have any friends.), enduring heartburn from bad burritos (Rebecca eats at Taco Bell), and listening to very sad songs over and over again.

Below is a list of some of our favorites digs on our website. We think we have the coolest collection of kids clothing on the web. Where else are you going to find a Carl Sagan or Noam Chomsky on an organic onesie?

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