Baby Wit's Funny Baby Clothes are justly famous. Our funny baby clothes and funny baby onesies have been featured on The View, and in the Washington Post & the Chicago Tribune.

We hand-press funny decals exclusively on high-quality American Apparel one pieces--because sweatshop labor isn't funny.

Completely original funny, inappropriate slogans on baby clothes with awesome graphics by cool artists. Baby Wit takes funny to a whole new level.

Cute Funny Onesies Our rated-G funny onesies include cute one-liners like If You Think I'm Good Lookin' You Should See My Aunt baby onesies (or uncle or grandma), I Only Cry When Ugly People Hold Me and That's It, I'm Going To Grandmas.

Sardonic Funny Onesies Yeah, these funny onesies are bad--shop with care. My Dad's A Hipster Douchebag, He Thinks He's My Daddy (ouch) onesie, My Mama Drinks Because I Cry baby onesie, and Don’t Forget to Wipe My Ass baby onesie our some of our worst, errr, best original one-liners.

Gay Funny Onesies Play on the worst fears of the paranoid Christian Right with our They're Raising Me Gay baby onesies.

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