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The Octonauts and The Only Lonely Monster By Meomi

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The Octonauts and The Only Lonely Monster By Meomi. The Octonauts is a crew of misfit critters who roam the ocean in search of adventure, treasure, and fun! From their undersea base called "the Octopod", the Octonauts explore a colorful world full of thrills, chills, and gills! The crew of eight talented critters, including a brainy octopus, brave polar bear, daredevil kitten, and scientific sea otter, is always ready to embark on a new exciting voyage.

In this debut episode, the Octonauts encounter a giant sea monster! What will they do? Stay tuned and get ready to join the adventure to find out!
"March 2007: Best Buy - The Octonauts has gained an international cult following for its beautifully rendered and vibrant illustrations (and refreshingly sassy characters)."
- Vancouver Magazine

"I'm considering making friends with people who have kids, just so I have an excuse to buy, like, a zillion copies."
- Eve Batey, San Francisco Chronicle

"While it appears as a deceptively cute children's turns possess the power to destroy the universe if it's not handled properly...The Octonauts is so devastating, it makes The Tribbles Pandemic look about as scary as a pom pom-tipped pen."
- DaddyTypes

"The colourful depiction of underwater scenery and various corners of the Earth would appeal to the imagination and adventurous spirit of the young reader."
- CM Magazine

"The stunning, stylized color illustrations emphasizing simplicity, curves, and a 'big head/small eye' anthropomorphic look gives Octonauts a unique appearance, while the story tells of their encounter with a lonely sea monster leading to an important lesson about the values of friendship and individuality. A wonderfully imaginative and enchanting tale."
- Midwest Book Review

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The Octonauts and The Only Lonely Monster By Meomi

  • The Octonauts and The Only Lonely Monster By Meomi