Toddler Dresses

Choose from literally hundreds of toddler dresses all included here for your viewing pleasure. My customizable Baby Wit toddler dresses can be personalized with completely unique and cool designs and are sewn right here in Portland Oregon using organic cotton milled in South Carolina.

I made this goregous dress I call the twirly dress. It is made from several yards of organic cotton and every little girl who has ever worn it has loved it because the skirt twirls out in a fantastically wide arch. The front is designed as a mock princess dress. There aren't many left and I am not sewing it out again so get yours now.

I have also sewn out some dresses using a couple of patterns I designed using unusual fabrics that you won't normally find combined with little girl dresses including skulls, flames, frida kahlo, knitmare and more. You won't find these dresses anywhere else. Maybe because no one else wants them? 

 I carry dresses by other manufacturers but they have to be mind blowing and absolutely stunning to make it on my website.

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