Toddler Shirts

The casual T-shirt is the one thing that your wardrobe probably can’t do without, and for your infinitely cuter, miniature version– cool toddler t shirts – should be the one thing that you have a lot of in your kids’ closet. Whether you’re a fan of plain, basic shirts for toddlers, or if you’re more of the cool, quirky type who prefers funny toddler shirts that are fashion statements in themselves, you’ll definitely find something that’s suited to your taste in my extensive toddler T shirts collection. Baby Wit toddler shirts on my site can be customized with a variety of designs that range from statement-makers like “That's What She Said” and “My Mama Drinks Because I Cry” to graphic-oriented designs with you or your child’s favorite images like my drawing of Godzilla attacking the PDX Steel Bridge or the classic Alice In Wonderland Tea Party. You can also go for fun prints like the baby necktie shirt or the hipster scarf onesie. My customized toddler t shirts are fun to make with your child and they love wearing them because they created them.

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