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The Woollyhoodwinks vs. the Dark Patch

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The Woollyhoodwinks vs. the Dark Patch

The Woollyhoodwinks are five cuddly creatures who enjoy life in the richly textured Black North Forest. Junco leads the imaginative Ludic, the prankster Reddy, the reasonable Ozard, and the cute baby named Fluke.

However, their carefree existence is interrupted when a piece of the sky falls to earth. There this dark patch begins to grow! As it spreads over the ground and disturbs the tranquility of their woodland home, the five friends take turns trying to solve this strange mystery. How will the naturally inventive 'Hoodwinks save the day?

True to the doll's original handcrafted designs, the illustrations ingeniously resemble landscapes stitched from colorfully patterned fabrics. The Woollyhoodwinks' amusing and eye-catching antics will appeal to the dreamer in everyone.

"These whimsical characters are designed as a tribute to hand crafted toys of the past, with a contemporary twist. Their unique personalities are sure to warm hearts of all ages."
- San Francisco Museum of Craft+Design

"Not many handmade toys have catchy theme songs. Those are usually reserved for the 'popular' characters who reside in Orlando. However, Woollyhoodwinks seem to have no regard for the status quo."
- The Hippest Kid

"Five little creatures have arrived from the Black North Forest...perhaps you should come in and visit soon."
- Click! Design that Fits

"A Woollyhoodwinks stampede will rile things up. The five new handmade plush whatchamacallits possess out-of-this-world cuteness."
- Daily Candy

"Ludic fits perfectly tucked under the arm of our little boy and can easily withstand the rough and tumble 'love' dished out at playgroups everywhere. Always finely dressed in his woolen attire, he often joins us during our daily adventures of grocery shopping, sing-along's and loves to just chill at home as much as we do."
- Mama Speaks

"Why it's GOOD: Your little one will instantly develop a soft spot for this spunky, strong-willed creature who looks vaguely lost. Why it's GREEN: Made of select wool with loving care, and by hand, which means less energy is used and less pollution is produced than in industrial production."
- Sprig

"OMG! Just finished reading the book...and I'm in love. I knew the illustrations would be gorgeous…But the writing is SO good. The cadence is wonderful (read it out loud to myself) and I like that it doesn't shy away from words that might be new to some kids…Immediately I made connections to Shel Silverstein's work and the great 'nonsense poems' of Edward Lear."
- Mahar Drygoods

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The Woollyhoodwinks vs. the Dark Patch

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