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Back Wall Mural At Our Warehouse by Klutch


What We Do

We create unique matching pieces for moms and babies that celebrate your individuality and help throw a little fun into all that changing you have to do.

We know how difficult it is to find the time to shower much less coordinate outfits. 

Our one pieces are so comfortable you can sleep in them and roll out of bed looking put together after 4 hours of disrupted sleep. 

Ease of Use alongside Comfort and Style form the triumvirate that defines all of our designs. 

We design, cut and sewn the clothing styles in-house. We sell our custom in-house clothing direct to you, cutting out the middleman and making designer clothing more affordable. We also offer After Pay, an awesome payment plan that is interest free. 

We try our best to use local upcycled fabrics that might otherwise end up in landfills. By working with local manufacturers we’ve come across some beautiful fabrics all in limited supply. 

In addition, we stock designer fabrics from two fabric houses in the USA that maintain more permanent collections. They are Art Gallery Fabrics and Birch Organic Fabrics


Picture of vintage doll printed on black skirtPicture of Our Custom Printed Tube Skirts.

Custom Work

What makes our brand so unique is that we individually make each piece to order allowing for customization.

We create fashion that helps people recover from dissociative disorders. We work directly with customers who want to create their own personas.

Think mismatched Garanimals covered in offbeat art, non-repeating patterns, and collages. Consider us more of a therapy session to recover yourself rather than shopping spree to dull the pain of trying to hide your weird, bold and eccentric self.

This means you can call or email us to tell us about your deep love of four legged animals or vinyl or Steve Buscemi or the Steel bridge and we can print and sew your love into a dress, or pant, or skirt, or shirt in your size and a matching romper or pants for your baby.

We carry tons of designer fabrics that you can choose and hand press our own retro designs onto fabric right here in our studio. We can even adjust the hem and arm length to fit your body. 

This experience is unique in how it imagines and creates the pieces you wear and the level of customer participation in the making of your own garments.

Our Story

Rosalee Rester sat in the parking lot of Ebay prepping for her job interview by emptying her breasts. She was late. Her brain trying to work through a fog of sleep deprivation, latching on issues, colic and baby poop, could not muster the much needed vocabulary and enthusiasm to secure a position as a product manager in the myEbay tools department. 

She began searching for something she could do from home and saw an opening in the baby clothing market for hip baby clothes. It was 2003 and she ran with it. 

Rosalee and her then husband moved into his parent's basement in Prescott Arizona for the summer while she built out her website and he wrote his first novel

She called Bang On in Canada to ask if she could put their Ramones, Bowie, Blondie, Smiths, Clash & Kraftwerk decals on baby shirts.


The Smiths Onesie Meat Is Murder In Star Telegram
The Smiths Baby Shirt in Star Telegram
Bust Magazine Ramones T-shirt
The Ramones Baby Bodysuit in Bust.
David Bowie Onesie 7x7 magazine
David Bowie Onesie in 7 x 7 Magazine
Buzzfeed Cool Baby Onesies
Jon Stewart Bodysuit by Reckon in Buzzfeed

She called American Apparel in LA because she'd never seen blanks that fit so well and were made in the USA.

Rosalee called her favorite zine artists including Trina Robbins, Kieron Dwyer, Steven Weissman, Bill Griffith, Luster Kaboom, Meomi, Damned Dollies, Cole Gerst, Leia Bell and Dave Warnke to ask if she could put their art on her baby blanks.

She took out $500 from her credit cart to purchase a used HIX heat press, some Bang On Transfers, an Epson 980 Inkjet printer, transfer paper and American Apparel blanks. She launched in Sept of 2003 and in 2004 Baby Wit hired its first employee. Growth was exponential.

In 2005 she created baby bedding and baby toddler clothing made from decidedly uncute, nontraditional fabrics.

Baby Wit created licensing agreements with Sonic Youth, Billy Bragg, Alice Donut, Antony & The Johnsons, DOA, Thin White Rope, Flop and Jimi Hendrix.

Sonic Youth Shirt Bundle Magazine
Sonic Youth Baby & Toddler Shirts & Garage Band Toddler Dress in Bundle.


Billy Bragg tank top & Sonic Youth shirt featured on Portlandia's Squiggleman episode

Billy Bragg and Sonic Youth Shirts By Baby Wit on Portlandia Squiggleman

 Angus shirt on the Bitch List in Bitch Magazine

Baby Wit in the Washington Express

Infinity Skull Baby Sheets and Stinky/Cranky Mom & Baby Set Featured in Washington Express.

 Article from Washington Express about cool baby clothes.

We got political.

 Nixon Baby Tank Top & I Already Know More Than The President Baby Bodysuit in the Washington Express


Obama Rama in the OC Weekly

Article from the Daily on Punk Rock Moms

President Poopyhead & Question Authority in the Chicago Tribune.

In 2006 she launched her water-based screen printed line Light & Gravity, based on Cradle to Cradle development. Each piece was sourced with organic cotton milled in the USA, hand-printed using water based inks and only used fasteners that could compost (wooden buttons.)

In 2008 she created a romper without any snaps, zippers or other annoying fasteners that she named Yanker®.

Baby wearing Yankers Romper


Ten years earlier Rosalee had a lot of people laugh at her for putting Angus on a baby onesie but in 2014 Ramones baby onesies had become passe. It was time to move in a different direction.

In 2015 she began sewing and experimenting with free-motion embroidery

In 2018 she launched Not A Martha, a brand of locally made unisex & women's clothing.

The Not A Martha collection exclusively at Baby Wit is a culmination of all of her experience with fabrics, inks, thread and E-Commerce. 

We are a small, Portland, Oregon-based woman owned company. We proudly pay our taxes, and despite the ill-advised humor, are generally nice people. 

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