Adjustments | Add Mitten or Footie Cuffs | Lengthen or Shorten Hems & Necklines

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If you'd like some sizing customization done to your garment include raising or lowering a hem, adding mitt or foot cuffs just add this product to your cart and we will contact you before making your garment.

Please note that any customization to your garment means your garment is no longer eligible for a refund. Customized garments can only be exchanged.

Available adjustments include:

  • Shortening the hem/inseam FREE
  • Lengthening the hem/inseam $5 (cost includes 2 inch extension) 
  • Add Mitten Cuffs $10 (available only on long sleeves) 
  • Add Footie Cuffs $10 (available only on pants that are not a wide leg cut)
  • Lowering the neckline $5
  • Raising the neckline $5


 If we are shortening or lengthening a hem or inseam we will ask you to take a measurement from the tip of your shoulder bone down to your ideal hem. For your inseam length we will ask you to measure the inseam of your ideal pants.

Mitten and Footie Fold Over Cuffs

These are fold over cuffs on the sleeve and pant that fold over to cover the hands and feet of infants. They are better than mittens and footies as the cuffs on garments are longer allowing for growth. We will only attach them on pants and long sleeved shirts that do not flare at the bottom.

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