Affiliate Program

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Baby Wit is looking for creative, baby lovin' partners to earn some extra cash promoting cool Baby Wit outfits. 

  • We are part of the SkimLinks network so it's easy to track your earnings. There are a zillion products you can promote and SkimLinks gives you an easy way to promote and track them all in one place.

  • No hidden costs or fees.

You receive exactly the same commission we pay to Sales Reps who take us to market except you don't have to fly out to Las Vegas, rent a hotel room, talk to a ton of strangers, write up orders and then pack it all out.

Kick back and watch the passive income roll on in.

Easy Peasy.

Baby Wit is 100% female owned. We've been around since 2004 hawking our funny baby onesies and cool baby clothes. 


Here are some banners you can use on your own websites. 

Affiliate Marketing Banner 250x250 Mom & Baby Matching Jumpsuits


Affiliate Banner 150x38 baby rocker hand sign

Affiliate banner 468x60 babywit fists


What Is Affiliate Marketing?

If you are a stay at home parent and you write a blog or have a voice and you enjoy championing your favorite products, Affiliate Marketing is a super easy way to build up a passive stream of income. Most every brand out there should have some sort of affiliate marketing program in place.

Simply go to their websites or join a network and get fed your own income earning links to the products you love. It's a huge win win. I highly recommend Skimlinks because, even though they take a chunk of your action, they make it so much easier to add affiliate links to your content and they track everything for you in one place that the savings in time makes it completely worthwhile.

As a new mom, I loved hearing what the pros knew. I read tons reviews and recommendations before making my purchases and once I found someone I felt I could trust, I went back again and again. You are not selling products, rather you are offering folks advice by letting them know what you like and why you like it. It's an invaluable service.