Baby Hoodie Outfit in Neon Yellow Safety Fabric Wondersuit

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Never lose your baby again! Great safety outfit for babies who ride on bikes, this suit is a visual cue to stop and take note. This hoodie union suit is our newest addition to the Tender Wondersuit collection. A union suit with pegged legs, leg and arm cuffs and the best fitting hoodie we could design. This hoodie stays put and is barely noticeable to baby. Still checking on the fabric content on this but there's cotton and polyester. It is an upcycled fabric from a sportswear company and is a wickaway.

Tender Wondersuits were invented by an adult who hates putting on clothes that involve buttons, snaps or zippers. Tender Wondersuits have no zippers, buttons, velcro, snaps or elastic and come with an easy to use, pull-down panel in the back.

Easy on Parents, Comfy on Baby. Made in Portland, Oregon.