Sleeveless Baby Romper by Yankers®

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Our sleeveless baby romper was the first Yankers® we produced. We based it off the vintage one-piece swimsuits from the 1920s. This piece comes with a tank top, shorts and a Yankers® pull-down panel in the back.

Image showing back panel of Yankers Baby Romper

95% cotton, 5% spandex. You select your fabric & size and we sew it out. 

Care Instructions

Turn Inside Out. Wash Cold, Dry Low.


Like all the pieces we craft in our studio, this one can be sewn out in different fabrics

Just submit a request in our Special Requests field and we will get back to you lickity-split.

Made in our Portland, Oregon Studios.

About Yankers®

Rosalee Rester designed Yankers® because her son had sensory issues and did not tolerate lumps, cold metal, elastic, zippers or velcro against his skin. She also got really tired of seeing him run around with his snaps unbuttoned. Yankers® fits like a body glove and is made from 100% fabric. It comes with a pull-down panel in the back for easy diaper checks. Designed by a lazy parent who hates negotiating buttons and snaps. 

Yankers® is made without any fasteners or elastic so it is extremely comfy on baby's tender skin. It's just your baby and the fabric (and thread.) 

Advantages to Yankers®:

  1. No zippers or velcro to catch or scratch on baby’s tender skin
  2. No fasteners for parents to negotiate every single time they change a diaper
  3. No safety hazards as there are no zippers to break, snaps to pop off or velcro to tear up your laundry
  4. No elastic to cut into baby’s tender skin
  5. No shirt that rides up, no pants that fall down
  6. Easy on-off helps to quicken the diaper changing process
  7. The design allows for an easy spot check of diaper
  8. The fit allows for both cloth and disposable diapers
  9. Baby can’t remove their own diaper
baby wit sizechart