BIG SIS Toddler Shirt or Raglan Baseball Tee

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Big Sister Shirt

Because being a big sister is a formidable job with all the proper initiation rites, we've made our sister tee using an extra big and bold block letter font. 

Sibling relationships are always fraught with challenges so it’s important to set up positive family dynamics before new sister little or baby brother arrives. It begins with your pregnancy announcement and letting her know she’s been promoted to big sister. Making sure she knows she’s still got all your love although now your attention is divided. 

Set her up to enjoy the tons of benefits to having a new little person join the family. Think about it. There will be another kid to join forces with against the parental unit. Until they can talk you can blame your screw ups on your little brother or sister. Huge win! This little person will look up to you and you’ll rarely be lonely anymore. There’s always someone to play with and to get you a glass of water for you whenever you’re thirsty. As they get bigger they’ll cover for you when you want to go out after dark. Plus, the memories you will get to built together. Siblings will tolerate you no matter what because you’re family! Yeah, you might not get all the attention anymore and you’ll sometimes have to share your toys and maybe your sibling will be super annoying but still, you have a little brother or little sister for life. And, there is no one else quite like that in the world. 

It’s also important to maintain your individual relationship with the new big sister. Our sister toddler shirt is a solid start for carving out her role but don’t forget to have big girl time with just her. Maybe a date at a tea shop with yummy cookies or a ride on the Gyro Drop at the state fair. Stuff a baby can’t do. 

Plus, never tell your girl that she needs to learn to share her things. Let her keep her toys and share them when she wants. Imagine if your partner got a second partner and told you that you needed to share your brand new bracelet with them. The one they just bought for your birthday. “It’s not like you are wearing it right now. Just let them wear it for a couple of hours.” Ouch. 

Matching is also kind of fun, at least when they are younger. And, at Baby Wit we make it super easy to buy matching designs in infant and toddler sizes. Big sister pink shirt and little sister pink one piece with matching unicorns make great sibling outfits. 

Pick up the little sisters and baby boys that infant bodysuit that says "My Big Sister Is My Hero”. Just awwwwdorable. 

Get this original design printed on a boutique quality, Made in the USA toddler tshirts at Baby Wit.

Choose from a 100% cotton jersey t-shirt in organic or traditional cotton or a Triblend Cotton-Poly-Rayon raglan shirt available with Black or Red Sleeves.

Bit Sister Tshirts Hand-pressed in Portland, Oregon.
100% Traditional and Organic Cotton Available
Made in the USA
Non-toxic Phthalate Free Inks
Boutique Quality Kids Tshirts
Turn Inside Out, Wash on Cold and Dry on Low to maintain integrity of print.
Support a Small Woman Owned Business and Your Local Economy.

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