Bitch, Another Word For Feminist Unisex Or Women's Cotton T-shirt

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Bitch T-shirt

We're not so much changing how to word Bitch is used, we're taking ownership of it.

Bitch, a woman who acts independently, with self-reliance and is able to mentally free herself from societal oppression. It takes guts to wear our Bitch shirt out in public and only a real Bitch can carry it off.

This shirt is made in the USA by bitches. 

On the front:

bitch /biCH/ noun A woman who speaks her mind, demands equal treatment, has sex without shame (sensual!), and only smiles when she wants to. [see also: ‘independent, self-reliant, free]

On the inside:

100% True Bitch

Choose from a unisex or woman's cut 100% cotton jersey tee made in America.

  • Hand-pressed in Portland, Oregon.
  • 100% Traditional and Organic Cotton Available
  • Made in the USA
  • Non-toxic Phthalate Free Inks
  • Boutique Quality Unisex & Women's T-shirts
  • Turn Inside Out, Wash on Cold and Dry on Low to maintain integrity of print.
  • Support a Small Woman Owned Business and Your Local Economy.
  • Free Hand-pressed Twill Gift Bag or Hand-stamped Gift Box.
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