Black Toddler Jeans

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Graphic Toddler Jeans You Customize

We love printing our graphics onto toddler jeans and you get to be part of the creative process. Printing on jeans is becoming quite the rage these days and we love the look. 

Think a piece of toast on the knees or a giant praying mantis on the ankle. All the cool kids are wearing jeans with random screenprints printed on the fronts, sides or back.

Look around our website for one or two graphics you'd like to see on your kid's black jeans. Then tell us where you'd like them printed or let us decide for you. 

If you don't see anything that's quite right feel free to email us because we have a ton of graphics not listed on our website and might be able to fulfill your pant dreams.

These are customized so there are no returns on this unique pair of jeans unless you order it without any customization. All our pants are priced without any graphics. If we customize them for you just add $9 to the final price.

These jeans are made in the USA.

Toddler Size Chart
20"- 21"
22- 23"
24"- 25"
32"- 36"
36"- 40"
40"- 43"