4 Things to Know When Upgrading Your Child’s Room to a “Big Kid Bedroom”

Some parents dread it, other parents are excited for it – but either way, it’s going to happen at one point or another. Upgrading your child’s current nursery into a big kid bedroom is a transition that all parents have to go through at some time, and it can definitely be bittersweet. Instead of wishing your little buddy would never grow up, make the switch as smooth as possible by following these simple tips.

  1. Make Sure They’re Ready for It

Keep your child in the decision-making process by actively asking them if this is the right time for them to move into a big kid bedroom. If they say no, wait a couple of months and ask again to see if their mind has changed at all. Although the transition to a big kid bedroom will happen regardless of whether or not your child is 100% ready for the move, making them aware of it will help to ease some discomfort that they may be feeling. This way, your child will also know that the move is the right decision as they are growing up into a big kid and even though it can be hard, they will soon love their new room.

  1. Make a Bid Deal out of the Transition

Because it is a big deal! This is an important step in your kid’s childhood, and it shows progression in their maturity. Make it very apparent that you are extremely proud and excited for your child by taking them out to dinner or even throwing them a party. When your kid knows that this is a positive step in the right direction, they will be more willing to make the transition and follow along – rather than against you.

Don’t rush it though - although you should applaud the transition, don’t make it happen overnight. Not all children are the same, and not all are going to be excited to move into a big kid bedroom. Give your child some time to adjust to this new idea by introducing it to them gradually.

  1. Furnish it Right

Keeping some of their old cherished items (think: teddy bears, rocking chairs, blankies, etc.) will be crucial in the transition, but something’s going to have to change. Let your child have an active role in deciding their new big kid bed, the theme of the new room, their wall paint color, or even some other furniture like lamps or a writing desk to ensure it is to their taste and comfort. You should also think about decorating in a way that they will enjoy for years to come – meaning no more baby-themed wallpaper or furniture.

Be intentional about your new furniture as your child is now growing faster than ever, meaning - a twin mattress may be fine for now but in a few years, they may need a full or even a queen. Plan for the future in your furniture making process to make sure you don’t have to spend more money in the years to come.

  1. Celebrate!

The hard work is finally done and it’s time to recognize all the efforts that went into the transition process. Going from a nursery to a big kid bedroom is no small task, for kids and parents alike – so ensure your child understands how proud of them you are for being so helpful and willing to take this (oftentimes difficult) step towards maturity.

Don’t get tearful yet – although this is a bittersweet moment, they will always be your little baby!

Elise is a mother of two wonderful children and a freelance writer located in the mountains of North Carolina. She has recently found her passion writing about all things parenthood, teaching styles, and home life. In her free time, Elise enjoys practicing yoga, trying out new recipes, and traveling to new restaurants with her friends and family.