Baker's Skirt

Baker's Skirt

Posted by Rosalee Rester on Nov 19th 2019

Customizing A Skirt For A Baker

I was at My People's Market and a man came by and purchased his wife a custom dress as a gift. She had walked by my booth and admired the fabric and he wanted to surprise her with it. The fabric is a rich blue grey covered in blue rabbits peering up at a grey moon with foliage and butterflies in peaches and greens. It's one of our most popular fabrics and is produced by Art Gallery Fabrics. I've not felt a knit as buttery as theirs.

I sewed her out a dress in a size small but it turned out not to fit her in the chest as she was a very petite woman. She asked me to alter the armholes and neck to fit her.

When she came by to drop it off she brought along her husband and small daughter...both just beyond adorable. While I measured her for the alteration she mentioned how she wished for a long fitted skirt that flared out around the ankles. She informed me that she was a baker at one of my favorite vegan bakeries and was up every morning baking by 5 am.

I could picture her in such a skirt, walking across a black and white tiled floor, skirt swishing around her steel toed boots, an early morning sun just peeking through the window.

I could see her strong arms lifting the dough out of the mixer and placing the mound onto a steel table top. Flour is flying through the air as she leans into the ball with her fists and begins kneading it down.

She selected the dark navy organic cotton Jackalope fabric for the skirt. That amazing fabric is now completely sold out.

When I saw her again she and her daughter had baked a mason jar of delicious vegan chocolate chip cookies that I have enjoyed all this week while watching Shrill and Handmaid's Tale. I mixed the cookie with my favorite vegan ice cream (are we allowed to still call it cream?) from Haagen-Dazs. It's this chocolate fudge truffle flavor. OMG the two together...

I digress.

I love this skirt so much. I made two for myself. The best part of it is the small swish around the ankles. I wear it with my boots and it makes me feel as though I have stepped out of the pages of the Little House On The Prairie series. I need an apron to complete the look.

If you lean towards the modest side, long skirts are great for summer. Our fitted one keeps you covered without making you look like you're wearing a big bag around your legs. It comes with a high waist so if you've had babies and you want to wear a crop top, you've got coverage there too.