Best Parenting Advice I've Read

Best Parenting Advice I've Read

Posted by Rosalee Rester on Apr 1st 2021

Atypical Parenting Tips

This is something I came across on Quora (that site is so addictive) that I wish I had read about 14 years ago when my daughter was still an infant. A very wise woman writes that every day you are teaching your children something. It just might not be what you think. Read it here. You will thank me for it.


Another piece of advice I wish I'd had in my arsenal but I started to apply it recently even with my older kids. Your breathing influences your child's breathing. So, if you are panicked or upset, it becomes even more difficult to calm your baby down. If your baby is having a fit, try holding your baby close to you while deep breathing as it cues your baby to do the same and deep breathing is the body's way of letting your brain know every thing is A OK.

Here is a reframe that I found interesting. (Pulled from Souther Natural Parenting Network via Kellymom)

Things We Expect From 1 Years Olds But Not Grown Adults.

  • The Ability to Share Our Most Beloved Possessions With Complete Strangers We Just Met At the Park.
  • The Ability To Sleep Alone For 12 Hours Straight Without Waking
  • The Ability To Cry Alone And "Self-Soothe" Without Wanting Comfort
  • The Ability To Have Zero Control Over Anything In Our Lives, Down To The Clothes We Wear, The Food We Eat, Where We Go And When, And Be Super Happy About It All Day Long!

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