Feminism, There Is Hope

Feminism, There Is Hope

Posted by Rosalee Rester on Nov 14th 2017

Times, they are a changing. Men's inappropriate behavior is finally being called into question. We are talking about men who think it's ok to grope their subordinates. Men, who think that because they are richer or bigger or older, that  they can just grab us by the pussy. 

With women more likely than men to get a college degree and the workforce shifting, we are slowly eking our way towards a more level playing field sexually and financially.

Women today are no longer growing up believing that to fulfill their destiny they must be partnered with a male. Rather than searching for partners who have financial, mental and physical dominance (otherwise how else could we subjugate ourselves through marriage?) we are now looking for partners who want to share in an equitable relationship.

I want to mark the Trump presidency as the era from which we begin to wake from our current enculturation of how men and women are viewed and treated. 

We are moving past the ape stage.

Our biggest hope lies with our children and this past week during a parent teacher conference, my daughter's English teacher shared with me this essay my daughter had written.

Disney Princesses

Cinderella, The Little Mermaid, Snow White, and many more disney movies show a lot of female stereotypes. They show single stories that people will start to believe and stereotypes like these is what creates unequal rights and hate. Disney views woman as weak, ignorant, can't take care of self, needing a man, cooking, and cleaning.


A very known disney movie is about Cinderella, a girl who serves her stepmother and stepsisters and for some reason couldn't get away from them without Prince Charming marrying and saving her. Any girl who watches Cinderella will think they can’t stand up for themselves and need to wait for a man to make them happy. Which no woman should believe.

The Little Mermaid

In this disney movie Ariel saves a man she barely knows and falls in love, she spends most of her time thinking about him instead of doing productive things. Just to get this man she gives up her voice which is her talent, her family, and living under the sea. She has no idea what is going to happen when she starts living on earth or if this man is even going to fall for her so why would she give up everything? It teaches girls that men should come before everything else, which is not a good lesson. Ursula also says in the movie to Ariel “men don’t like women that talk” which is implying women with big opinions should not be liked by men.

Snow White

Snow White. Another beautiful princess that is saved by a man yet again. The queen that tries to kill Snow White just because she is prettier than her, which makes young girls think that looks is everything. Although the dwarves and Snow White care about each other, she’s stuck at him cooking and cleaning for the men while they are at work. Why couldn’t Snow White work with them? It makes it seem like women are not capable of work like men are. The movie also makes Snow White very ignorant. She was so unintelligent that she ate an apple from a random old lady. Then of course she dies and the only thing that can save her is her prince.

I think that disney made some big changes in their newest productions but still needs improvements. These old movies are huge and girls all over the world are believing that this is how they should act. They will think that they are weak, dumb, incapable of work, need to clean & cook, keep their opinions to themselves, should change themselves for a man, and putting a man before everything else is good. These are terrible stereotypes to teach girls.

Girls self confidence is very low because they think they need to be as perfect as these princesses. All of the princesses have small waists and long hair and other features that girls aren’t capable of. A lot of girls I know who are stunning have very low self esteem because media makes them want to look like these princesses and fake people. When I was young I was obsessed with these princesses, I wanted to be just like them. In fact the only thing I asked for christmas was to look like them. I thought the only way I could be happy was to be beautiful and find the perfect man. Now I know there is so much more to life and I am not going to let my daughters ever think these stereotypes because they are extremely wrong and the only times women act like this is because media taught them too and they never learned that women are so strong and smart and have so much more potential than the media perceives.