Free Online Educational Resources - Curated List For Homeschooling

Free Online Educational Resources - Curated List For Homeschooling

Posted by Rosalee Rester on Mar 17th 2020

The Coronavirus has us all inside for a spell. It helps to think of the long winters farmers endured on the lone prairies in the early 1900s. If they can hunker down, we can too! Below is a list of sites that offer free access to educational materials that you can use to prevent your kids' brains from turning to mush. I've starred the ones I'm currently using.


Schedules are great in a rigid environment but at home you can tailor it more around individual flow. As a homeschooling mom on Facebook pointed out, what if your child takes much longer to do a math lesson than the hour on the schedule? 

Or, if they should get into a flow with their piano, do you really want to interrupt their flow to start reading? Should a break in the rain present itself should you miss it because it's not in the schedule? 

Scheduling an hour for something really challenging when your child only has 15 min in them will only lead to frustration if you continue to push them for the full scheduled time block.

While homeschooling, try creating a rhythm laid over a skeleton schedule. Don't beat yourself up if you choose flow over schedule. 

Our skeleton consists of wake up, breakfast, lunch, dinner, bedtime with no free time until after 3 pm. All activities are layered on top of that skeleton. 

Home Economics

This is a great opportunity to introduce tasks not touched on in schools anymore including learning about money, cooking, cleaning, sewing on a button, ironing, checking the oil. It is a way to interleave subjects like math writing and economics.

Free Educational Internet Resources

Thank goodness there is the Internet spurting out endless amounts of knowledge. Here's a curated list of some educational sites that provide free access to learning during this outbreak.

Cross Curricular

123 Homeschool 4 Me

Tons of downloadable worksheets for all grades. ***

6 Weeks of Primary Lesson Plans

Love these activities as they are creative and fun.

Academy Act

Act Academy is a giant K-12 repository of resources.


Accessibyte is offering their apps for free for 45 days or longer if you need it. Their apps help make online learning more accessible to those who are visually impaired, deaf or have reading difficulties.


BrainPOP is offering free access during school closures although you have to have a promo code from your school. They have a junior site for younger kids K-3.

Common Sense Media

Online list of free educational games, apps and websites.

Crash Course

Fun videos that teach a variety of subjects in a fun and engaging way.***

Fun Brain

Website that makes learning fun. It offers free games, books, printables, videos, math and more to enhance skills. Divided up by grade to Grade 8.

Hippo Campus

Free videos in a wide variety of subjects for middle school to college aged kids.

Khan Academy

Non-profit to give access to learning to all people. Loads of classes in all subjects.

Open Educational Resources

Filled with lessons used by teachers all over the world for all grades in a wide swath of subjects.


This resource is not free but it is low cost and has some interesting classes in coding and tech.**

PBS Learning Media

Curated collection of videos, interactives, lesson plans for teachers. Good stuff here.***

PenPal Schools

PenPal Schools is offering free access during school closures. This is an amazing curriculum exposing your children to alternative, global ways of thinking and cross-cultural experiences.


Scholastic offers free online classes during school closures. 4 projects daily geared around one specific subject by grade level. Kids can do these on their own or with their teachers.

Art & Music

Alphabet Coloring Sheets

Lovely Alphabet by designer Joshua Blankenship to get your kids coloring their ABCs.


Amplifier is sending free artwork and teaching tools to adults who are teaching at home now.

Art Classes With Make

Free online art classes for kids on Facebook. They even provide a list of art supplies to gather before each class. This week they have Puff Paint Picassos, Houses, Watercolor Fun, Watercolor Birds. 

Art for Kids Hub

Fun Youtube videos that teach kids how to draw all kinds of things.

Google Arts & Culture

Informational pieces about so many different subjects. Take a peek into Frida Kahlo's diary or explore the Dodge's Palace. Learn something new every day! They also have a 360 degree videos.

Living room Concerts

Performances streamed from Broadway stars as they perform in their living rooms.

Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems

While he's in residence he gives a daily video on drawing. Comes with a daily activity page.

Nightly Met Opera Streams

That's right, the Met is streaming their Operas from their collection of HD presentations from the past 14 years. Check nightly at 7:30 pm EDT to remain live for 20 hours.

Red Yarn

Check out this musicians music video channel for kids. It is so much fun!

Song Maker

This is kind of a fun little app located at the Chrome Music Lab.

Stay At Home Stop Motion

Mr David is giving free online stop motion lessons on Facebook. #stayhomestopmotion. 


Online music theory lessons. They offer a free version for the casual learner. Currently, they are offering free access to schools closed by COVID-19.

Virtual Art Gallery Tours

Take a virtual tour with your kids and explore some art.

Computer Science


Code offers free coding classes for kids.

CS First 

Google teaches Computer Science to kids.


Learn coding via Minecraft.

Language Arts


This site is filled with amazing lesson plans around architecture, literature, history, geography, civics and more. It's super easy to use their lessons.***

International Children's Digital Library

Collection of children's stories from across the world.

Project Gutenberg Library

Library of free e-books. There is also your public library. Ours has amazing access to e-books and music.

Storyline Online

Videos featuring actors reading children's books with fabulous illustrations.


Online Audio Books

Storytime From Space

Astronauts reading kids stories from space!


Bedtime Math

Fun math problems and activities.

Mathematics Vision Project

Online lesson plans in PDF format for grades 9 to 12.

Math Score

Math program to increase math skills.

Prodigy Game

Math tool that turns math into gaming and has a free option. I purchased a membership because my kid loved it so much. In fact, he's playing it right now.***


Fledging Birders

Now is a great time to get out in nature and this birding challenge is a great way to get started.

San Diego Zoo

Check out their live cams of their Baboons, Penguins, Pandas, Polar Bears, Koalas and much more.

National Park Tours Virtual

Explore 33 National Parks. Ooo la la on the natural beauty of our parks.



The American Association of Chemistry Teachers gives us access to their lessons that include projects, videos and more for grade school, middle school and high school students.

Britannica Learn

They have these cool launch packs for science and social studies but they require a code from your school to access any content you can use.

Mystery Science

Fun science experiments for free during school closures for grades K-5.


Hubble Tour online!

National Museum of Natural History

Virtual Tours with VR capability although we could not get it to work for us. Check out the Bone Hall and the Hall of Fossils.

Science Friday

A non-profit website filled with free videos, STEM activities, podcasts.


Myths About Learning

Interesting articles about how we learn and better ways of studying. I am including it here because if you understand how we learn you can tailor your teaching style around what we know. I thought the Wired article on interleaving especially interesting.

Parents Guide To Remote Learning

An online site to help guide parents through remote learning through COVID-19.

Remote Learning Resources And Discussion

This Facebook group is full of tons of learning links, lesson plans and advice. Lots to love here. 

Other Lists

Early Childhood Learning Resources

Focus on early development.

Elementary Learning Resources

Focus on elementary aged children.

Amazing Educational Resources

Education companies offering free subscriptions due to school closings.

Another list

Another list of education companies offering Free subscriptions due to school closings but slightly annoying because of all the ads. 

Photo by Sven Brandsma on Unsplash