How To Give A Baby Gift That Parents Actually Need

How To Give A Baby Gift That Parents Actually Need

Posted by Rosalee Rester on Aug 10th 2021

There's A New Baby In Town

Your best friend, coworker or relative has just had a baby. With all of the adorable baby products available, it can be easy to splurge and buy every single thing on their baby registry like baby toys, baby carriers, pajama sets, baby onesies and cotton baby wipes just to name a few. But, if they’re new to the parenting game, they might not know what they don’t know. But, I’m about to tell you now so you will know.

What New Parents Don't Know

You don’t need much and you don’t really know what you need until that baby has arrived. Because, and don’t let this blow you away, but every baby has different needs.

Possible Baby Gifts

Funny Baby Clothes?

Sure, you could give them a funny baby romper and receive a jolly laugh in return but trust us, after a few wearings and a picture or two with their bundle of joy in it, that funny romper is headed for the bottom of a drawer.

Adorable matching nursery décor?

I hope you’re not serious. You cannot go and pick out decor for their baby’s nursery. No, not even a pretty light, fitted crib sheets or a mobile. Unless it’s on their baby registry your money is wasted. And, even if it’s on their registry, they made that list before they had the baby and they’re just now finding out that their baby won’t even sleep in the nursery. In fact, they have come to believe the nursery must be haunted because everytime they carry their precious across the threshold she loses it. Just don’t do it.

Baby Essentials?

How about a nice baby gift box filled with essential items like diapers, a baby rattle, baby bibs, bath toys and wash cloths? Sure they’re nice but most likely they’ll pull out a baby bib or a hooded towel and use it once. Why? Cause they got about a million baby essentials and unless yours is a hand knitted personalized baby milestone blanket, most likely it’s gonna end up where? Yes, that’s right. At the bottom of a drawer where it will sit until that child has been weaned and mom/dad decides it’s time to clean out the drawers to make room for toddler sizes. You should also know that gift boxes are the worst deal ever. You’re paying loads of money for the box and an arrangement that will be forgotten within the week. FYI, most gift baskets are stuffed with crap no one really wants.


As a new parent your friend is uber diligent (it’s their job) about protecting this new life. They’ve researched the best car seats, purchased organic baby products, cloth diapers, muslin swaddles, baby shampoo made from dirt and an organic bamboo baby towel. But, do they know that almost all baby clothing that is recalled is due to choking hazards of the zippers, snaps or buttons on baby outfits?

So, you gotta be thinking outside of the box. And, you have to be thinking about what’s best for that baby and its parents. Uncommon useful gifts are the best. That one thing that makes everyone’s life grocery delivery or housekeeping service. A decade from now they’ll remember how you got them a maid to come clean their home but they will not recall that baby gift basket with the hat set and Burts Bees baby cream.

EcoFriendly Gift

Newborn gifts should be organic and super soft. Now, why should we buy organic baby gifts? The reason is simple. They are safer, and healthier for the baby, as many products contain petrochemicals that can be bad for the baby, as it is a known fact already that they absorb more through their skin than adults, and their skin layers are also thinner. Thus, any damaging chemicals can really affect the baby, and increase the chances of developing issues like skin cancer, among many other ailments.

It’s going on a newborn's sensitive skin and you want to show the parents you care. That way they might even let you hold their precious newborn baby. Soft organic cotton baby clothing or organic bamboo baby swaddle blankets are lovely but not so memorable. I mean how many organic baby blankets can a child cuddle?

The Best Baby Gift

Of course I’m writing this long-winded content because we have something I think you’ll want to buy for your friend. Our Yanker baby rompers come without any fasteners so they are safer than most any other one piece outfit made for babies. It is based on the old school union suits of the 1800s except we’ve modernized the design quite a bit making changing a diaper much easier. There are so many advantages to this one piece and yes, I’m going to list all the ones I can think of.

Advantages to the Yanker™ Clothing for Babies:

1. No zippers or velcro to catch or scratch on baby’s tender skin

2. No fasteners for parents to negotiate every single time they change a diaper

3. No zippers to break, snaps to pop off or velcro to tear up your laundry

4. No elastic to cut into baby’s tender skin

5. No shirt that rides up, no pants that fall down

6. Easy on-off helps to quicken the diaper changing process

7. The top stays put during a change so baby doesn’t get cold

8. The design allows for an easy spot check of diaper

9. The fit allows for both cloth and disposable diapers

10. Baby can’t remove their own diaper

We make them out of tons of fabrics. Our fabrics from Art Gallery are not organic but their fabrics are Oeka Tek certified (tested for harmful chemicals). We also carry a charcoal bamboo fleece and a bamboo fleece mixed with organic cotton.

I invented them in 2008 for my son and it’s a win-win for both the new infant, the parents and you, the amazing bearer of gifts...

Final Thoughts

Funny Baby Bodysuits

Just to be clear, we have nothing against giving funny baby bodysuits. In fact, our main business is built upon the sales of gender neutral baby gifts. But, if you’re going to go funny, buy our GOTS certified organic funny baby clothing.

Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash