Indoor Winter Fun: Online Educational Activities for Kids

Indoor Winter Fun: Online Educational Activities for Kids

Posted by Jenny Wise on Feb 7th 2018

There are great perks to the cold winter weather: the upcoming holidays, snow days, cozy movie nights wrapped up in blankets. And in these cold winter days kids are often stuck inside and looking for entertainment. Instead of watching television for endless hours, one thing to consider is online educational activities to keep kids learning, engaged, and away from boredom.

Educational Games

Just like in the video game industry, there is endless creativity for producing engaging, fun, and safe educational games for children. This of course keeps them on safe platforms on the internet while they engage their brain during some of those long and drawn out winter weekends.

Many of these games, as written about in The Spruce, include educational websites that are free, easily accessible, and entertaining. Some of these include:

●PBS Kids: There are online learning components to almost all programming your kids watch on PBS.

●Math and Reading Games: Some of these games will include an amusement park of math and more or from letter recognition to reading plays.

●Online Mind Games: With a variety of online games to choose from kids can visit other online sites that have educational games that focus on geography, history, music, and the arts.

Dog themed lesson plans: It’s never a bad idea to involve your kids in learning about animals, including pets. This can be especially effective if you have kids wanting a dog or who have just acquired a dog as a pet. Working out some fun lesson plans that include knowledge on breeds, physical and behavioral characteristics, anatomy, plus handling skills.

Learn a New Skill

The Washington Post reports that the arts are equally important to math and science; through the arts children can learn fundamental and vital skills like creativity, problem solving, and confidence.

●Music Lessons: There is a wide array of online learning center or institutions that focus on teaching how to play an instrument through written and video tutorials and lessons. These can include learning how to play guitar, piano, or even drums. Most of the online resources will have extensive instructions that will walk you through each lesson.

●Art Lessons: Your child can also learn fundamental drawing and sketching skills through online art academies. They can work on classes at their own pace and learn basics that will help them in further developing their creative skills.

Staying Active and Other Ideas

When summer times rolls around it’s not hard to find the kids wanting to go outside and play. Sometimes the weather doesn’t allow that during tough winters, but it is still important to keep your kids active. This could be done in a more straightforward way or through subtle methods of games and treasure hunts.

●You Tube fitness and exercise videos for kids. There are a few videos out there that are catered especially for kids of different ages. Some of them are silly, others involve mom, and others are for more intense workouts for older kids.

●Kids Yoga: It’s never too early to learn and with plenty of online tutorials you can learn as you go.

●Treasure Hunts: These are great ways to keep your kids moving and engaged in an activity. You can get creative in writing clues or drawing maps.

●Baking Goodies. Retrieve an online recipe or fun cookie ideas. Then, have your kid bake and decorate their favorite dessert.

●Camping Indoors. Another fun idea is bringing in the tent and making your own fortress and camping ground right in your living room.

Bad weather doesn’t have to mean sitting around in boredom. There is plenty of educational and fun activities available for you and your kids. You can alternate between fun online games to following online recipes. With access to the internet and all kinds of technology the options are endless.

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