Teenage Daughter & A Dress Code

My daughter is now a teen. She turned 15 this year. The same age as my website. I launched this website when I was breastfeeding her. Now I am handing down a dress code that asks her to cover her breasts. 

I am pretty open minded and I've had an internal debate about instructing my daughter on how to dress. 

After having been raped more than once and remaining completely silent about the rapes, I am 90% behind the #MeToo movement. 10% of me wants the #MeToo movement to recognize that we as a culture have perpetuated various stereotypes and modes of behavior and that we have to educate our boys and men on what is right and what is wrong. Pushing a woman against a wall and grabbing her pussy when she tells you no is wrong. Coping a feel in a photo op or telling dirty jokes is the old culture playing out and needs reeducation rather than a noose.

I grew up being taught that men could not control themselves and you should moderate how you dress around them or you were asking for uninvited attention. 

I believe that women should be able to wear whatever they want. The same as men. We should be able to wander around topless and breastfeed in public without being stared at or shamed.

But, we are not there. I also recognize that we are physical animals and that as much as we want to control our impulses, if we see someone we are physically attracted to, we become distracted.

Here is my dress code. Very minimal.

1. Must wear a bra at all times unless the top has built in support.

2. No cleavage.

3. Shorts must hit below where the thigh begins to thin.

4. Skirts must be no higher than 6" above the knee.

And, this is getting major push back. It's my body mom. That's an old way of thinking. You made me take a self-defense class. etc.

I will say this for my daughter. Unlike me, when someone gives her unwanted attention she is very vocal in her push-back.