​The Best Gifts for Expecting Parents

​The Best Gifts for Expecting Parents

Posted by Kay Carter on Jan 18th 2019

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If you know of someone who’s expecting, or you’re an expecting parent yourself, there are a few essentials that can help you through the pregnancy process and beyond. From baby must-haves to items that can be used even after childbirth, here are some of the best gifts for expecting parents.

1. Baby skincare products

You might not imagine skincare as something that’s particularly important for babies, but you would be mistaken. Newborns and infants have incredibly delicate skin that is prone to all sorts of irritations. The solution is to have a solid skincare option on hand before these problems arise so that parents can address them right away. This  hair & body wash for newborns is a great option for any parent-to-be, as it is a plant-based skincare product to keep your baby's baby clean and moisturized. Their diaper cream and leave on diaper wash & moisturizer are also plant-based.

2. Total body pillows

Women can find it increasingly difficult to find comfort and rest as their pregnancy advances, and that’s a recipe for stress and frustration. A great gift for expecting mothers is the LeachcoSnoogle Total Body Pillow. This pillow is specifically designed to provide expecting mothers’ bodies with support through the rigors of pregnancy so they can find rest and relaxation. As a bonus, they’ll be able to use this pillow even after they give birth.

3. A travel mug

Many parents rely on coffee (or tea) to help them make it through the sleepless nights that typically follow a child’s birth. The challenge is that they don’t necessarily have the time to drink a cup in peace nor have the time to brew multiple pots throughout the day. That’s where a high-quality travel mug comes in. Look for a sturdy mug created to maintain the temperature of hot liquids—one that is proven not to leak, even if the mug is upended or knocked over, and one that isn’t prone to shattering. The ContigoAUTOSEAL travel mug keeps drinks hot for five hours and offers one-handed drinking with the push of a button.

4. Versatile clothing

You might think that buying baby clothes is the typical go-to for many shoppers, but the truth is that some clothes are more useful than others. Investing in versatile clothes, like items that are easy to slide on and off, is a great idea for newborns and infants. Our wondersuits are a fantastic option. It’s easy to put on even the squirmiest of babies and there are organic cotton options, so it won’t irritate sensitive skin.

5. Peace of mind

Finally, you might consider buying expecting parents a small gift that gives them some peace of mind as their child continues to grow. A comprehensive home warranty is one of those gifts that few people think of but is endlessly useful. With a warranty, you won’t have to face expensive repair or replacement costs should something happen to a major system or appliance in your home and you can protect your child from getting injured from a broken appliance.

Help the expecting parents in your life get ready for their baby’s arrival with some of the great gift ideas above!

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