​The Best Gifts for New Parents | Baby Gifts That Aren't On People's Lists But Should Be

​The Best Gifts for New Parents | Baby Gifts That Aren't On People's Lists But Should Be

Posted by Rosalee Rester on Mar 25th 2020

If you know of someone who’s expecting, or just had a baby, here are a few essentials that aren't on most  people's lists but should be. These make stand out gifts that they will be thanking you for every time they use them.

1. Baby Bottle

Just going to say here that after you've picked up a bottle 140 times, you'll wish you had one these. The pacifier? Same thing. Tired of holding a baby bottle? This is a game changer.

2. Sick Baby

You don't know you need this but when you hear your infant struggling to breathe and those bulb aspirators do little to nothing to remove the snot, you'll  start sucking. Forget the anal, mouth or armpit thermometer and pick up a forehead one

3. Baby skincare products

Our hands down favorite line for new moms is by Wild Carrot Herbals. They have a nipple cream, a hemorrhoid cream, an antifungal cream and other delightful organic skincare products. We love their botanical baby powder as there are no additives and goes on like silk. They have a borage eczema cream we still use to sooth our sensitive skin. We can't stop raving about their all natural baby skincare products

4. Baby Clothing

You might think that buying baby clothes is the typical go-to for many shoppers, but the truth is that some clothes are more useful than others. Investing in versatile clothes, like items that are easy to slide on and off, is a great idea for newborns and infants. Our Yankers® are a fantastic option. Our baby rompers are fastener free making them easier to change baby. Plus, they are super comfy because it's just fabric against your baby's tender skin. Check out our  video a mom made of dressing her baby in Yankers® to see what we are talking 'bout.

5. Baby Food

The Vitamix is a must have and will be in use to make  baby food, smoothies, cream sauces and more. I found it the best way to sneak all sorts of veggies into my child's diet and it has become one of the most essential pieces in my kitchen. I use it nearly everyday.