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Overseas, in countries that have previously dealt with viruses, facemasks are commonly worn in public places. But, here in the USA there is a stigma attached to wearing one. We're thinking, it's time the US got over that thinking and we are glad the CDC recommends wearing one. Here's a really good article on why we should be wearing facemasks in public. Here is another that talks about the difference between countries that wear facemasks and those that do not. 

This study from Germany states that wearing face masks can reduce the daily growth rate by a staggering 40%. We think wearing face masks is way easier than dealing with rolling lock downs and the ensuing economic repercussions. As Jason Kottke so aptly says, "Jesus Christ Just Wear A Face Mask."

Five Reasons To Wear A Facemask

  1. They stop you from touching your mouth and nose. Pair them with glasses for even more protection. Don't forget to carry hand sanitizer whenever you go out. Dr. Dave Price suggests that everyone wear masks because it stops you from touching your face and touching your face is the number one way to get COVID-19. (see at 12 min in the video) 
  2. According to Smart Air Filters, fabric masks are better than no protection. Testing indicates vacuum cleaner bags performed close to an surgical mask.** Again, we're not claiming ours will perform at that level. 
  3. In our current situation, everyone should be wearing face masks when interacting with others. It's just common sense. You protect others from your disease because with COVID-19 you may not even be showing symptoms and still be contagious. Eek. 
  4. They help protect you from pollutants, dust pollen and people who spit when they talk.
  5. They look super badass. 

Our face mask is made from a layer of 100% woven cotton and backed with a second layer of tightly woven tea towel fabric. Facemasks can help control the spread of the cold, flu, contagions and inhalation of pollutants. Plus, ours are reusable. Just pop in a new filter after giving it a wash and it's good to go. Purchase from us and know you are helping a small, family run business. Each mask is cut and sewn to order in Portland, Oregon.

What makes a good face mask?

Our face masks are not medical-grade surgical masks or N95 respirators. They do follow the CDC recommendations for cloth face coveringsWith a continued shortage of disposable face masks the Center for Disease Control recommends that you make DIY face masks or buy a fabric face mask and save the n95 respirator masks for health care workers and surgical masks for essential workers. Help stop the spread of COVID19 by wearing a cloth face cover for outdoor activities and practice social distancing. Together we can lower the impact of the coronavirus disease.

There is a lot of confusion about what face masks make the best ones. This article from the Atlantic that discusses the difference between egress and ingress and helps to clear up some confusion regarding the purpose of cloth face masks. Cloth face masks are more about egress. N95 masks with an air valve are made as protective face masks and are ingress as they protect the wearer from disease but allow escape of particles. Cloth masks focus more on egress, halting the transmission from the wearer.

There are ways to help raise the ingress of a cloth mask to make it more of a protective mask.

  • A tight fit. The more fitted to your face the more protected you are. Our face mask comes with channels on the sides and when paired with our fabric tie you can get a very tight fit. Wear a nylon stocking neck gaiter style over your face mask closing off the openings on the sides and protect yourself even more.
  • Add a filter. There are various substrates you can use including HEPA filters, coffee filters, paper towels, sterilization wraps, blue shop towels etc.
  • Use thick, tightly woven fabrics. A face mask made from a thick, tightly woven fabric does more to filter out particles. We back ours with a thick tea towel fabric. 
  • Research indicates that a hybrid mix of fabrics helps to raise the ingress of your mask by creating an electrostatic barrier . Check out our reusable filters that are made from two layers of polyester and one layer of a PET knit.

1. Fit

There should be no gaps on the sides and it should be comfortable enough so you don't want to rip it off your face. You should be able to breathe through it.

They come with a thin enclosed nosepiece to help in conforming to the contours of the face and are washable and reusable. We've recently added the option of a removable nosepiece.

Take a tape measure and measure from the bridge of your nose to the bottom of your chin.  Our cotton masks are pre-shrunk so no need to add in extra.

X-Small is 4.5" and fits toddlers 3 - 6 years

Small is 5 1/8" and fits children 7-12 years

Medium is 5.5" and fits most women and teens

Large is 6" and fits most men

X-Large is 6.75" and it is for larger faces

2. Filtration/Fabrics

Cloth face masks are worn more for stopping the spread of COVID-19 and less for protection. But, we do make ours out of fabrics that demonstrate more efficacy with filtration according to this study by Smart Air Filters. Our tea towel backing is a tightly woven cotton and we offer denim and canvas outer fabric options.


Removable Nose Piece

If you'd like the option to remove the metal nose piece before washing or you choose to use the microwave to disinfect your mask, we can sew in a separate pouch for your nose piece. +$4.



Choose between elastic around the ears, elastic around the back of the head or a fabric tie. All child sizes come with ear loops because the other two options are considered safety hazards. Please don't insert straps into your child's face mask as this can become a strangulation hazard.

If you are ordering a size Small for an adult and want it to come with fabric ties or elastic bands around the head simply drop us a comment in the comment section.

Elastic Ear Loops


Easy to put on and take off.


Sits on the ears and can cause ear fatigue and become annoying. The fit is not tight. 

Elastic Around The Back Of The Head


Doesn't sit on the ears. 


People can see it because it sits over your hair. Have to slide it over your head. Can slip around and become tangled in hair.

Fabric Ties


Tighter fit as it's adjustable. Our personal preference because you can get a very tight fit. We make our fabric ties in house from a stretchy knit cotton blend that stays put in your face mask and on your head. 


More of a pain to put on and take off because you have to tie it. Have to slide it over your head. May become tangled in wash.



Our inner fabric is a breathable 100% cotton ticking.


We are constantly changing our outer fabrics. We carry twill, canvas & woven cotton fabric. Designers include Echino, Kokka, Alexander Henry & more. Our 10 oz denim may vary from color of photo. Our snakeskin fabric is a cotton knit. Canvas fabrics include Water Rocks, Spring Confetti, Dutch Flowers, Mod, Patchwork, Evening of Mauve. Our Solid Black is made from a heavy twill. Cuts from our fabrics may show different parts of the design than featured in our product photos.



  • Soap and water is the most effective way to kill the virus. You can wash your face mask by hand with dish detergent (Dawn is great) and let it air dry.
  • You can also machine wash on cold and dry on cool. Try and avoid harsh detergents. If you have ties you might want to put it in a net bag to make sure they don't get tangled up. 
  • Steaming has been shown to kill the virus. I use my iron on high and steam it for 3 minutes because I don't have the patience to wash and dry it every day.
  • Microwaving has also been shown to kill viruses but make sure to order the removable nose piece option as you must remove the metal piece before tossing it in the microwave.


Our reusable face mask is made with a filter pocket as cloth alone will not do much to filter out unwanted invaders. 

We include a filter template and a blue CH300 sterilization wrap by Cardinal Health (non-woven polypropylene fabric similar to what they use to make single use surgical masks) in each order to get you started on making your own mask filters.

As an option check out our reusable filter inserts. We make them in-house from 2 layers of polyester and 1 layer of a cotton blend knit that are much easier to insert and remove than single use filters.  A study by the University of Chicago demonstrates that combining hybrid fabrics creates an electrostatic barrier that traps virus particles. 

You can also use air dried an anti-bacterial wipe, paper towels or coffee filters as a filter paper insert and then toss it away everyday. If you have a surgical face mask, you can slide it into our facemask for a more cheerful appearance. HEPA vacuum cleaner bags with a filtration of .3 microns  (it’s what NIOSH uses) are also recommended although make sure the bags are not dipped in chemicals or contain fiberglass. A good source is EZ Vacuum

If you're feeling lazy about filters consider upgrading to our Deluxe Big Mouth Face Mask that comes fully decked out with a removable nose piece, two layers of polyester sandwiched in between and a large, horizontal opening that gives you easy access to the filter pocket. 

Tip: Buying members in your household different patterned masks as it makes easier to quickly identify the owner. 

Photo of Back of Face Mask with Filter Pocket


A chart showing how various materials performed for filtration 

**Source of Various Fabrics Filtration Efficacy. We back our face masks with 1 layer of tea towel fabric. 


Author's Personal Tip

I carry my face mask in my vehicle packaged together with alcohol and a pair of surgical gloves.  When I return to my car I pour alcohol onto my gloves and while wearing gloves I rub down everything I touched while out including keys, phone and the front of my facemask. This saves my hands from becoming cracked and dried. When I leave, I hang my facemask from my rearview mirror so the sun can kill those germs. 

For preventing fogging of your glasses while wearing a mask I saw this simple tip from NPR.

Disclaimer: This information is based on the opinion of the author. There is no guarantee that our face masks will prevent infection. We performed no laboratory tests to substantiate any of our recommendations and our advice should not be taken as expert. Baby Wit LLC takes no liability regarding the performance of our masks.


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35 Reviews

  • 5
    Face Mask

    Posted by Rhonda David on Jun 13th 2020

    The best I have tried and the pocket for the filter is so easy. Thank you!

  • 5
    Very well made

    Posted by Toby on Jun 6th 2020

    The fit is excellent, which is so important

  • 5

    Posted by Ann Smith on Jun 2nd 2020

    Very well made. Fits well

  • 5
    Dragon facemask

    Posted by Lisa B on May 25th 2020

    Absolutely beautiful. This was a gift for a friend who loves Dragonware. She was thrilled. Fast shipping, too. Ty

  • 5
    Adult cloth masks

    Posted by Gilah on May 20th 2020

    I liked so many of the pattern options it was hard to choose They are comfortable, soft, and as fun to wear as a mask can be.

  • 5

    Posted by Melissa Swinney on May 20th 2020

    Really great product! I got an ear loop and tie behind, both are very comfortable. I like how the tie behind loops over and creates a tight fit without having two sets of ties.

  • 5
    Denim Mask

    Posted by RC on May 19th 2020

    I came back to BabyWit because I was very happy with the two masks I previously purchased. I chose the denim one this time, and it’s just as soft as their other materials. You’ve got the filter pocket - regular size is good enough for me to slip a paper disposable mask in as a filter. The nice thing about these masks is that you have 3 different choices for securing the mask to your face, so choose whatever ties you like best for whatever mask you choose. I like these masks, although I think the price could be better, especially now that many others are getting into the mask game.

  • 5
    Face Mask with Filter Pocket

    Posted by Lisa on May 19th 2020

    This is a fabulous mask, exceptionally well made and thoughtfully packaged. You can really tell this company takes pride in their work. The only feedback I have is the opening on the side could be a little bigger to make inserting the filter easier. Love the fabric quality and design!! I will be ordering more for sure!

  • 5

    Posted by Kristina on May 17th 2020

    I just received my masks and they are amazing!! The reversible masks are well made, comfortable and easy to use and the filter pocket is a fantastic bonus! I have been shopping around for masks, made a couple myself but knowing we may be wearing these for a while, I sought out a more durable, washable, comfortable mask. This Babywit mask is it.