Balaclava Face Mask | Bamboo Charcoal Silver Stranded Lining

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Our face masks made their debut in 2018 at the Fringe fashion show and just this month people have been asking us to bring them back. They cover the entire face leaving only an opening for the eyes.

We've all been told that unless you are a doctor or nurse you shouldn't be gobbling up all the medical face masks but that doesn't mean you shouldn't cover your face!


They stop you from touching your mouth and nose.


According to Smart Air Filters, they are better than no protection.


You look like a badass.


You protect others from your disease because with COVID-19 you may not even be showing symptoms and still be contagious. Eek.

Our face mask is made from a decorative layer on the outside (you pick your favorite fabric) and a bamboo charcoal fabric infused with silver strands on the inner layer. 

Outside Fabric : Various fabrics include cotton/modal/soy/polyester/rayon/ponte de roma. If you don't like any of the fabrics feel free to ask for an alternative.

Inner Lining: 82% bamboo charcoal fabric, 10% silver, 8% spandex. Our bamboo charcoal fabric offers antibacterial and EMF protection. Production features include anti-radiation performance, antistatic, anti-odor, strong antibacterial.

We are currently out of stock of our Bamboo/Silver inner lining. We expect to receive more on 4/5/20. 

Wash cold, dry low. Do not bleach or iron.

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