Free Iron Ons

Iron On Some Irony

Free Iron Ons

Don't you love receiving bonus gifts? Well we love sending them out to you. We send out a free iron on with every shirt or onesie that you order. There is nothing you need to do. There are no codes you need to enter to receive your awesome bonus gift.

If you have something specific in mind, just request it in the notes field and we will see what we can do. We don't send out our big iron ons as they don't work well with a hand iron. 

Iron ons are the best way to spruce up your old, sad clothes. We specialize in ironic, pop culture obscurity.

Actually, we send out two; one for you to practice with and a second to iron on to your shirts, pants, jackets, tote bags, dresses and underwear.

How To Iron On Our Free Decals

Our decals adhere best to items with at least a 75% cotton content. Please use only garments that you risk damaging as we cannot take any responsibility should your crafting go awry. You are applying our decals at your own risk. 

You can iron them on at home using your hand iron. 

1. Set your iron for the highest temperature (Linen).

2. We recommend ironing on a table that is stable and low enough to allow you to exert pressure onto the iron. The lady in the photo above is at a good height. See how she can lean into her iron?

3. Lay down something on your table to protect it. We like using a book covered with a piece of paper.

4. Take your garment, lay it down making sure there are no wrinkles. Run your iron over it a couple of times.

5. Carefully position your decal onto your garment.

6. Press your iron onto the decal making sure you continuously circle over the decal for 30 seconds to a minute. Lean your body into it. 

7. Pull up a corner to see if it is sticking to your garment.

8. If the paper comes up and the decal sticks to your garment, you are ready to peel.

9. Peel

10. Wear

11. Tag us on Instagram or Facebook or Twitter #babywit We'd love to see you in your old, new garment.

If you'd rather just watch a video, my son and I made a How To for you.