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Our funny baby bodysuits and funny baby shirts have been featured on The View, and in the Washington Post & the Chicago Tribune. 

We cleverly hide behind our desks, sit over long brooding dinners, inhale large mugs of Portland brew to come up with the wittiest onesies using iconic designs for babies and kids. You won't find most of our clever onesies anywhere else. Did we mention our sense of humor includes pun shirts?

We hand-press funny slogans and images exclusively on boutique-quality American Made one pieces and T-shirts in organic and traditional cotton --because sweatshop labor isn't funny.

Baby Wit takes funny to a whole new level. Our rated-G funny baby onesies include funny sayings like That's It, I'm Going To Grandma's (So Grandma!), Silent Protagonist and Milk Is For Closers.

Uncle & Aunt Baby Clothes

If your brother or sister just popped out a newborn and you're searching for that perfect gift, our aunt baby and uncle baby onesies include our best selling "If You Think I'm Good Lookin' You Should See My Aunt / Uncle", because you know who got all the good looks in your family. LOL.

Daddy Shirts

We are female run so you know our favorite thing in the world is a dad joke. We've got the He Thinks He's My Daddy dad onesie. One featuring dads beard or rather mustache. Daddy's Lil Monster in a retro font. If you have a funny baby girl try our What Part Of Princess Don't You Understand or Daddy Buy Me A Pony make for some funny baby girl onesies. Our funny mom onesies feature mostly coping mechanisms. 

Offensive Shirts

Offensive Baby Clothes? Yeah, these funny baby shirts are bad--shop with care. This Machine Kills Hipsters, I Already Know More Than The President (a real hit at family gatherings) onesie, and My Mama Drinks Because I Cry baby onesie are some of our worst, errr, best original novelty baby clothes. We solemnly swear we try our best to stay away from poop themed shirts like the pooper onesie, little shit and the Star Wars storm pooper but we just had to make a Don't Forget To Wipe My Ass that features a roll of toilet paper because even a drawing of TP is better than an empty shelf. 


Gay Funny Onesies? Play on the worst fears of the paranoid Christian Right with our They're Raising Me Gay funny baby onesie. Check out our political shirts for further derisive entertainment. 

Climb aboard and turn your tax deduction into a hilarious baby that spreads smiles far and wide by wearing matching Crazy Train shirts. 

Matching Shirts

Don't forget to check out our matching Mommy & Me shirts and Daddy & Me tees for a 15% discount off the bundle and a matching gift bag. Unisex baby colors along with gender specific are available. Pick up a fun onesie for your favorite new baby with cheeky baby onesies sayings and share your sense of humor with those you love the most.

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