Baby Clothes Goth

Gothic babies are known for loving skulls, vintage dolls, spiders and moonlight. We’ve got some of their favorite things. Our skull design is the classic skull and cross bone and we also carry sugar skulls for skull baby fans. We even stock a tragically hip baby t-shirt with black or red sleeves.

Of course, all our goth baby clothes come in black options because we understand that Goth babies dress black because black is how they feel on the inside. Our black baby bodysuits are made from 100% cotton. Our favorite goth baby bodysuit being the black one piece with a giant broken spiderweb printed on the front. Oh such a fine halloween outfit for your cute little witch baby.

Our bat baby design is the essence of the aesthetic goth. Goth girls wear pink and girls clothes can incorporate many cute baby elements while retaining their gothic essence.  

We’ve got other skull baby clothes scattered throughout our punk baby and cool baby categories. You can also customize our pant sets with goth designs for a completely unique, gothic baby gift for a newborn baby.

We’ve got boys fashion and cool boy outfits for goth kids. For kids outfits we have toddler t-shirts in black, grey, organic purple and a deep organic blue. These dark colors show off our glow in the dark designs well. For kids clothing we custom print on black jeans made in the USA. Find cool baby stuff, kids clothing and more at Baby Wit.