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How does the Baby Wit Grab Bag Work?

I love getting the mystery bag from Ipsy every month filled with makeup samples. Our grab bag is a bit like that but instead of makeup samples you get baby products.

Our Grab Bag is an assortment of clearance baby items from various US manufacturers and makers. Items can include clothing, toys, books and shoes.

The photos were actual grab bags we made for customers. You won't get the same exact products but you do get the idea. More expensive grab bags might contain items from higher end designers.

Brands in your Grab Bag can include local makers and designers like Appaman, Burdy Fly Away, Chaser, City Threads, Diaper Dude, Inky Dink, Gro Via, Japanese Monkey Pants, Jojoco Hatmakers, Junk Food, Kids Ink, Lilo Tati, Little Lark, Katy and Zuccini, Mini Maniacs, Minikin Tees, No Star, No Sugar Added, Pink Axle, Pink Tomatina, Småfolk, Sweet Marcel, Tiny Revolutionary Reckon, Trunk Ltd, Vling, Wug Bug, Baby Wit, Not A Martha, Yankers, Rowdy Sprouts, Me In Mind, Livie & Luca, See Kai Run, Sourpuss, Goorin Bros, and more. 

Most of the products are made in the USA although we do have a few brands that are made overseas including Me In Mind, Livie & Luca, See Kai Run and Sourpuss.

You tell us whether it's for a girl, boy or gender neutral. The size of the recipient and add in any other notes including things you like and dislike and we custom tailor a bag for you. It's really fun and all the products included in our Grab Bag are from small and local manufacturers. Skip the generic Amazon and buy local.

If you are on a budget and want to look like that über-generous friend, try our Grab Bag. If you spend $25, you give a bag worth $100+ to the new mom. 

The Grab Bags make unique baby shower gifts. You get to leave the shower looking like one heck of a generous and caring friend who skips Amazon and purchases from small, local manufacturers. You get to be lavish without breaking your bank. 

We love putting these bags together with you and your baby in mind so let us know who you are.

For likes and dislikes you might put something like "I like animals, dolls, unicorns and horror. Skip the cars and trains. I am nontraditional and love weird stuff." 

The Grab Bag does not get included in our Free Shipping Offer because we do not make any $ off this sale so we can't cover the shipping. These items are offered to you at below our cost.

Mom Items

If you've checked the box to include mom items in your Grab Bag make sure to let us know your size.

We offer Small, Medium, Large or X-Large. Enter "Mom Size = Your Size" into the Likes and Dislikes Text Box. That way we can include women's clothing items. 

Mom items can include jewelry, clothing items, bags, cards, journals, stickers etc.

Baby Wit Size Chart

Assorted Brands   
Onesie®Weight (lbs) Length (inches)


5-8 lbs 17-21 in
0-3 Months8-12 lbs 21-24 in
Bodysuit/Shirts/RompersWeight (lbs)Chest (inches)Length (inches)
3-6 Months 7-15 lbs 14 in 17-24 in
6-12 Months 16-22 lbs 16 in 25-28 in
12-18 Months 23-27 lbs 18 in 29-31 in
18-24 Months 28-30 lbs 20 in 32-34 in
Kids ShirtsWeight (lbs)Chest (inches)Height (inches)
 2T (2 to 3 years) 31-34 lbs 21 in 32-36 in
 4T (3 to 4 years) 35-41 lbs 22 in 36-40 in
 6T (5 to 6 years) 42-45 lbs 23 in 40-43 in
 8 (7 to 8 years) 49-52 lbs 26 in 48-50 in
 10 (9 to 10 years) 54-62 lbs 27 in 51-54 in
 12 (11 to 12 years) 62-75 lbs 28 in 55-59 in
 Women's Shirts Size Chest (inches) Waist (inches)
 Women's Small 0 to 2 30-32 in 25-26 in
 Women's Medium 4 to 6 32-34 in 27-28 in
 Women's Large 8 to 10 36-38 in 30-32 in
 Women's X-Large 12 to 14 40-42 in 33-35 in
 Unisex Shirts  Chest (inches) Waist (inches)
 Unisex Small  34-36 in 30-32 in
 Unisex Medium  38-40 in 32-33 in
 Unisex Large  42-44 in 33-34 in
 Unisex X-Large  46-48 in 36-38 in
 Unisex XX-Large  48-50 in 40-42 in
 Dog Shirts Weight (lbs) Length (inches) Neck (inches)
 Dog X-Small Up to 7 lbs 7 in 7 in
 Dog Small 8 to 10 lbs 10 in 9.5 in
 Dog Medium 11 to 25 lbs 12 in 9.75 in
 Dog Large 26 to 40 lbs 15.5 in 16.75 in
 Dog X-Large 41 to 60 lbs  17.5 in 19 in
 Dog XX-Large 61 to 80 lbs  20 in23 in