The Huffer. A Pouch Style Reusable Cloth Face Mask Washable

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The Huffer. A Pouch Face Mask

This face mask is our newest design made for those who want a larger breathing chamber and a tighter, closer fit. We took this design from the U of F because, according to this video, their design is more effective than either the duckbill or the surgical mask style. It may look a little bit different but this mask provides a more protective covering.

We modified it a bit to include a removable nose piece to help to form it to the contour of your nose and added channels on the sides so you can wear it with fabric straps, elastic headbands or ear loops. Sandwiched between two layers of cotton fabric are two layers of polyester as a built in filter. It's washable and reusable. 

  • Fully Lined Using Two Layers Of Polyester. According to the University of Chicago a double whammy of a tightly woven cotton acting as a physical barrier and the polyester providing an electrostatic barrier has been shown to be the most effective at filtering out particles.

2. Filtration/Fabrics

Cloth face masks are worn more for stopping the spread of COVID-19 and less for protection. But, we do make ours out of fabrics that demonstrate more efficacy with filtration according to this study by Smart Air Filters. Our tea towel backing is a tightly woven cotton and we offer denim and canvas outer fabric options. We use two layers of 100% polyester fabric as for another layer of filtration.


Choose between elastic around the ears, elastic around the back of the head or a fabric tie. All child sizes come with ear loops because the other two options are considered safety hazards. Please don't insert straps into your child's face mask as this can become a strangulation hazard.

If you are ordering a size Small for an adult and want it to come with fabric ties or elastic bands around the head simply drop us a comment in the comment section.

Elastic Ear Loops


Easy to put on and take off.


Sits on the ears and can cause ear fatigue and become annoying. The fit is not tight. 

Elastic Around The Back Of The Head


Doesn't sit on the ears. 


People can see it because it sits over your hair. Have to slide it over your head. Can slip around and become tangled in hair.

Fabric Ties


Tighter fit as it's adjustable. Our personal preference because you can get a very tight fit. We make our fabric ties in house from a stretchy knit cotton blend that stays put in your face mask and on your head. 


More of a pain to put on and take off because you have to tie it. Have to slide it over your head. May become tangled in wash.

Removable Nose Piece

Some folks like to be able to remove the metal from their facemasks before washing or using their microwave to disinfect it. Having it removable also means you can replace the metal when it wears out. 



Our inner fabric is a thick, 100% cotton ticking. Ticking is a tightly woven textile often used for tea towels. 


We've got tons of options including 100% woven cotton, canvas and denim. We choose designer fabrics from houses including Alexander Henry, Robert Kaufman, Echino, Kokka and more. Our 10 oz denim may vary from color of photo as we use various sources. Our snakeskin fabric is a cotton knit. Canvas fabrics include Water Rocks, Spring Confetti, Dutch Flowers, Mod, Patchwork, Evening of Mauve. Our Solid Black is made from a heavy twill. Cuts from our fabrics may show different parts of the design than featured in our product photos. The backing is made from a thick 100% cotton ticking (the fabric used to make tea towels.)


Two layers of 100% polyester fabric.


  • Remember that when you remove it you should be taking it off by the ear loops.
  • Do not grab the front as it may be contaminated.
  • Wash your hands after removing your face mask.
  • You can wash your face mask by hand with dish detergent (Dawn is great) and let it air dry. You can also machine wash on cold and dry on cool. Try and avoid harsh detergents. If you have ties you might want to put it in a net bag to make sure they don't get tangled up. Here is a great article on wearing homemade cloth face masks.

Author's Personal Tip

I carry my face mask in my vehicle packaged together with alcohol and a pair of surgical gloves.  When I return to my car I pour alcohol onto my gloves and while wearing gloves I rub down everything I touched while out including keys, phone and the front of my facemask. This saves my hands from becoming cracked and dried. When I leave, I hang my facemask from my rearview mirror so the sun can kill those germs. 

For preventing fogging of your glasses while wearing a mask I saw this simple tip from NPR.

Disclaimer: This information is based on the opinion of the author. There is no guarantee that our face masks will prevent infection. We performed no laboratory tests to substantiate any of our recommendations and our advice should not be taken as expert. Baby Wit LLC takes no liability regarding the performance of our masks.


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