M.E. Moore Baby Arms Necklace

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Vintage Button, Number, & Doll Legs Necklace by M.E. Moore (check out her website for more fabulous stuff. Baby Wit exclusive! These beautiful, handmade necklaces by M.E. Moore are one-of-kind pieces made expressly for Baby Wit. Each unique piece is made with a long, thick chain of high quality, solid brass. I visited her studio when asking her to make us something special and found a beautiful collection of found and natural objects. She writes that her process of making Original Design jewelry requires an iron, a torch, and silver solder. Each piece of her soldered jewelry goes through a procedure of heating, cleansing, scrubbing and buffing, and finally burnishing. All of her work is made by hand with the goal of creating beautiful pieces which compliment the uniqueness of the wearer. Collection of charms includes your choice from the numbers 2, 4, 6, 8.Vintage Button, Number, & Doll Legs Necklace by M.E. Moore. A special keepsake.