Mommy And Me Dresses

Mom and daughter matching dresses

Do you know what toddler girls LOVE doing? Dressing up just like their mommy. It is definitely a highlight that should be passed over. Selecting your mom and daughter matching dresses, dressing up for picture day, to attend a friend's wedding, for a stroll in the park followed by a tea party. It's all about one on one time where she knows she's your girl.


It helps so much to share this special moment with your girl, especially if you have a baby on the way. Each time she slips into that dress, she'll feel connected to you all over again.


Currently for mama we have our 50s glamour sheath dress with an extended cap sleeve and a comfy t-shirt postpartum dress. A circle dress with a voluminous skirt and a bodice cut that accents the bust is in production along with a hooded skater dress for Winter 2020. 

For baby through toddler we have a simple shift dress in matching fabrics that you can pair up. Coming in the fall is a hooded skater dress for baby girls.

Custom Graphics

We also custom print our graphic decals onto our dresses for special set that only the two of you will share.