Why Organic Cotton?

What Is Organic Cotton?

Organic cotton is cultivated without any chemicals, pesticides, or genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

What Are We Changing?

Selling sustainable clothing has always been important to us. We've focused on US Made goods since we launched. We've always stocked various colors of organic cotton baby bodysuits and toddler shirts in each design but in 2021 we made the decision to switch our entire line over to organic cotton blanks and water-based inks. This means that as we replenish our stock, we will be exclusively ordering organic cotton infant bodysuits, toddler shirts and decals made from water-based inks. This means we will be phasing out our all of our conventional cotton shirts and bodysuits, polyester rayon cotton blended baby raglan shirts (as these are not available in organic cotton blends) and plastisol screened decals.

The process of moving all our decals to a water-based ink will take us longer but you can look in the product description for "water-based inks" to see what designs are now made from water-based inks. All our inks are already phthalate free. All our bird logos on the backs of our pieces are water-based.

Why Are We Switching To Water-Based Inks?

Regular screen-printing inks are made of petroleum. Water-based inks are safer for the environment. These decals have a much softer hand and because these inks are water-soluble they do not contain PVC, phthalates or toxic chemicals. With water-based inks, you don't have to worry about petroleum based chemicals being released into the environment or sticking around for generations to come.

Why Are We Switching To Organic Cotton?

We didn't think there was all that much difference between conventional cotton and organically grown cotton until we started doing some research. Once our eyes were open we felt we couldn't continue to source conventionally grown cotton. Below are a few of the reasons why we are moving to organic cotton.

  1. Conventionally grown cotton is one of the most heavily pesticide sprayed crops in the world and it's also very absorbent which means that pesticides like DDT will end up in the fibers of your baby's clothes.
  2. Cotton is considered one of the world's dirties crops and ranks third in the use of pesticides. Prohibited substances in the US are used overseas. Organic cotton is a cotton that is grown without the use of synthetic pesticides, toxic chemicals, and genetically modified organisms. It's better for people, the planet, and even your clothes!
  3. Cotton production and use is one of the biggest contributors to water pollution. The Textile Exchange lists the figure of conventional cotton using 2,168 gallons of water. Cotton is a thirsty plant. When you water organic cotton, the run off isn't full of toxic chemicals.
  4. Cotton cultivation has led to soil degradation, which in turn contributes significantly towards desertification.
  5. Organic cotton farming systems have been shown to be more sustainable than conventional cotton farming systems. It doesn’t damage the soil and uses 88% less air and 62% less energy in growing. Consequently, it also keeps the farming systems safe and doesn’t threaten the farmers or their families. 
  6. With organic cotton there is no cotton-dust pollution, a major cause of respiratory disease.
  7. Have you heard of the Delta debacle with their flight attendant uniforms? Apparently it was covered in toxic chemicals and caused burns, rashes, allergic reactions and more. Clothing touches your body. What it's made from is important. The benefit of organic shouldn't be ignored, especially if its touching your baby's skin.

What Does Our Current Stock Look Like?

Currently, our organic cotton bodies are labeled as such in the store but even if you order conventional cotton colors you may receive the organic upgrade. We are not switching the label to organic until all the sizes in that color are fully stocked as organic.

Currently our organic cotton colors for infant include purple, red, asphalt, pacific (galaxy) blue, pink, black and organic natural. For toddler shirts there is purple, pacific (galaxy) blue and organic natural. For adults there is organic natural.

Will I Be Charged More?

You must be thinking that all of this makes sense but isn’t it going to be way more expensive? Organic agricultural labor is much more intensive and crop yield per acre is lower.

Organic cotton pieces cost us almost twice as much as conventionally grown cotton but we aren't passing on that full cost to you. Rather, we are limiting our wholesale business and focusing on direct to consumer sales. This allows us to absorb more of the cost.

Our organic cotton pieces are made in the USA and have been tested for harmful substances.

All our pieces are made in the USA. The company that makes our organic baby clothes has the Oeka-Tek organic certification. Their fabric is milled, dyed, cut & sewn right here. This means that every piece of it has been tested for harmful substances.

We'd like to argue that if you factor in the health and safety of your baby and the protection of their future environment that organic cotton is a real steal.

Other certifications to look for when purchasing baby clothing are GOTS certified organic textile pieces. This stands for The Global Organic Textile Standard or Fair Trade products as many smaller manufacturers who grow organically simply can't afford this expensive certification.

Wait for it....

On our website we do not currently charge more for our organic one pieces. In fact, our prices have only gone up by 8% per piece over the last 18 years. We charging the same for our organic one pieces as we did for our conventional cotton pieces. All our conventional cotton pieces are now discounted by $2. 

Why Buy Organic Cotton Products?

Every time you vote with your dollars by purchasing organic cotton products you are helping to create change the marketplace and the world. The environmental benefits of purchasing sustainable cotton or crops like hemp that help replenish the soil cannot be understated. 

Organic cotton is important. It's the safest, most natural fabric for your baby to wear and you'll be able to relax knowing that it has been grown without any pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Your baby will have minimal chances of getting any skin allergies such as eczema, dermatitis. Moreover, your baby isn’t inhaling anything toxic or poisonous while laying about in their wee baby outfits.

We've got an awesome collection of colorful bodysuits and tees perfect for your little one. You won't find any pesticides or chemical fertilizers on our organic cotton clothes. If you are looking for a unique selection of organic cotton clothing in sizes from babies through toddlers, we've stock all our designs in organic options.