Social Justice Coloring Book

Social Justice Coloring Book

Cover of The Color Of Dissent

Too often, our children are presented with simplistic morality tales depicting easy-to-identify good guys and bad guys. The real world does not work this way, and it seems to us a disservice to teach them that the good guys always smile and the bad guys always scowl, when it is often the other way around.

We wanted to create a book that presented the truth about good and bad, that often times it is the good and brave among us that are turned into villains. This coloring book contains portraits of 28 Americans who spoke up about the injustices that they saw in our society and were persecuted for doing so. For their efforts, these brave souls were silenced, jailed, exiled, and, despite their importance to the times they lived in, written out of history. 

Included in this coloring book are: Lucy Stone, Lucy Parsons, Eugene Debs, Ida B. Wells-Barnett, Emma Goldman, Ned Cobb, Audre Lorde, Angela Davis, Wilma Mankiller, Assata Shakur and many more. Art by Jay Moreno. Produced & Designed in 2006 by Baby Wit LLC. 36 Pages and 100% Recycled Paper. Printed in USA.

Although our coloring book has sold out, it is now available to download for FREE although we do ask that, if you have the extra dough, you make a $5 donation to UNCF. We're also linking to a list of 181 black owned businesses that are great places to drop some dough, if you're on a budget here's AfterPay's Black Owned Business list and if you are visiting Portland here's Mercatus Black Owned Business list.