Philosopher’s Thoughts Tank Summer Baby Romper By Tender Wonder™

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Geek your baby out in these deep thoughts. Blue-grey fabric covered in philosophical thoughts in a white typewriter font with blue ink splotches to lend it that real, in the moment feel.

Fabric is an ultra soft cotton/spandex blend.

If you are tired of dealing with snaps or saggy pants that won't stay put, try out our Tender Wonder Suit.


The owner designed the Tender Wonder Suit because her son had sensory issues and did not tolerate lumps, cold metal, elastic, zippers or velcro against his skin. The Tender Wonder Suit fits like a body glove and is made from 100% fabric. It comes with a pull down panel in the back for easy diaper checks.

Designed, cut and sewn in Portland Oregon. Check out our matching women's rompers.

Care Instructions: Wash in Cold, Dry on Low. 

Fabric Content: 95% cotton and 5% spandex blend

Fabric by Art Gallery.

Each piece is made to order at the You Can Stay Studios located in Portland Oregon and takes two weeks to ship out. 


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