Filter Inserts - Hybrid Fabrics - Polyester & Cotton

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Our filter inserts are made for our cloth face masks and are easy to slide in and remove. They are made from two layers of polyester and one layer of knit made from a cotton & recycled PET blend. 

We developed this filter in-house based on research from the University of Chicago that indicates using a hybrid combination of fabric can create an electrostatic barrier that helps minimize penetration of unwanted particles.

Rub our filter between your hands or pop it in the dryer and you can feel the static electricity. 

We do not offer size XS filters for our toddler masks at this time.

Not for use with our Big Mouth as adding in our filter inserts may be overkill and reduce breathability. These filters are designed to be used in masks that do not have a lining. 

Made in Portland, Oregon.

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