How does the Baby Wit Grab Bag Work?

We have so many great products from small manufacturers from past seasons and we are basically giving it away. This is your chance to grab some awesome designer baby clothing and women's gear at rock bottom prices.

You tell us whether it's for a girl, boy or gender neutral. The size of the recipient and add in any other notes including things you like and dislike and we custom tailor a bag for you. It's really fun and all the products included in our Grab Bag are from small and local manufacturers. Skip the generic Amazon and buy local.

If you are on a budget and want to look like that über-generous friend, try our Grab Bag. If you spend $25, you give a bag worth $100+ to the new mom. 

Face Masks

We make an amazing face mask that our customers keep coming back for but we've decided it's time (YAY!!!) to stop making them and turn our attention to making more fun items. We do have a stockpile of some them left and they are offered at 50% off.