Send In Your Own Apparel

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Customize Apparel

If you want to bring new life to some of your clothing and like our graphics, you can send us your shirts, pants, dresses, jackets and we'll print whatever you want on it.

How It Works

  1. Select the number of items you are sending us. Pay for your items and select the shipping you'd like us to use to return your items to you. For example, if your item fits into a Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope (most common) then select that. If you are picking up the items from us select Pick Up or Free Shipping.
  2. Pay for your items.
  3. Attach a Safety Pin to where you want the print located along with a note telling us what design you'd like. Include your invoice number just in case we have any questions.
  4. Ship your package to: Baby Wit LLC 1315 N Shaver Street Warehouse In The Back Portland, OR 97227.

If you live in the Portland area you can schedule an appointment with us and avoid all the shipping costs.