Size Chart | How Do Baby Sizes Work?

The Truth About Size Charts

I had no idea why a size from one brand fit differently than another until I understood that there is no standard. Sizes are essentially meaningless. Each designer bases their sizes on their ideal customer. Because I fit a lot of mom's I make my hips a little larger.

Baby sizes tend not to deviate quite as much as women's clothing from the average. Baby sizes are usually listed by by age in the USA. If your baby is average you can be fairly safe picking clothing by based on their age. To be safe, always look at the measurements. Weight for babies is a good indicator. The NB or newborn size is typically listed as NB instead of 0 months. 

If you are buying a gift for a newborn and you don't know how big the baby is, your safest bet is to go for the 3-6 month size. Parents usually have the first 3 months covered pretty well for clothing plus newborns tend to stay inside wrapped in blankets until they pass through their 4th trimester.


Graphic Tees Size Chart      
Onesie Weight (lbs)   Length (inches)


5-8 lbs   17-21 in
0-3 Months 8-12 lbs   21-24 in
Bodysuit/Shirts/Rompers Weight (lbs) Chest (inches) Length (inches)
3-6 Months  7-15 lbs  14 in  17-24 in
6-12 Months  16-22 lbs  16 in  25-28 in
12-18 Months  23-27 lbs  18 in  29-31 in
18-24 Months  28-30 lbs  20 in  32-34 in
Kids Shirts Weight (lbs) Chest (inches) Height (inches)
 2 Years  31-34 lbs  21 in  32-36 in
 4 Years  35-41 lbs  22 in  36-40 in
 6 Years  42-45 lbs  23 in  40-43 in
 8 Years   49-52 lbs  26 in  48-50 in
 10 Years  54-62 lbs  27 in  51-54 in
 12 Years  62-75 lbs  28 in  55-59 in
 Women's Shirts  Size  Chest (inches)  Waist (inches)
 Women's Small  0 to 2  30-32 in  25-26 in
 Women's Medium  4 to 6  32-34 in  27-28 in
 Women's Large  8 to 10  36-38 in  30-32 in
 Women's X-Large  12 to 14  40-42 in  33-35 in
 Unisex Shirts    Chest (inches)  Waist (inches)
 Unisex Small    34-36 in  30-32 in
 Unisex Medium    38-40 in  32-33 in
 Unisex Large    42-44 in  33-34 in
 Unisex X-Large    46-48 in  36-38 in
 Unisex XX-Large    48-50 in  40-42 in
 Dog Shirts  Weight (lbs)  Length (inches)  Neck (inches)
 Dog X-Small  Up to 7 lbs  7 in  7 in
 Dog Small  8 to 10 lbs  10 in  9.5 in
 Dog Medium  11 to 25 lbs  12 in  9.75 in
 Dog Large  26 to 40 lbs  15.5 in  16.75 in
 Dog X-Large  41 to 60 lbs   17.5 in  19 in
 Dog XX-Large  61 to 80 lbs   20 in 23 in


Another fit issue to be aware of is that some designers prefer a tighter or looser fit and therefore even if you fit within their measurements, the fit may be different than what you want. Make sure to check out their styling and if you like baggy clothing and their fit appears to be tight you might want to jump up a size.

Remember that sizes are meaningless. Focus on the measurements. The reason everyone in Hollywood looks so fab in their clothing is because most stars don't even look at sizes but pull garments off a rack that they love and that fit the widest part of them. They then take it to a seamstress to customize it to their bods. They wear custom tailored clothing! 

We custom fit our clothing to your waist and hips. If you see a piece you like, purchase it according to your bust size and we will take in or let out the hips and waist for an additional $10. 

 Not A Martha Women's Size Chart
US Size 0-2 4-6 8-10 12-14 14-16
Bust in inches 32-34" 34-36" 36-38" 38-40" 40-42"
Waist in inches 25-27" 27-29" 29-31" 31-33" 33-35"

Hips in inches

34-36" 36-38" 38-40" 40-42" 42-44"

Face mask should fit tightly on your face. We recommend fabric ties because you can cinch them quite tightly. Measure from the bridge of your nose to the bottom of your chin. Our face masks are preshrunk so no need to add in extra length.

Face Mask Size Chart

Bridge of Nose to Bottom of Chin

4.5" inches 5.125" inches 5.5" inches 6" inches 6.75" inches