Skirt With Pockets | Apron Skirt For Women With High Waist

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Our Skirt With Pockets

"Good Design Is As Little Design As Possible" - Dieter Rams

We were tired of the shoulder and back strain that comes from carrying a traditional bag and although we love the convenience of leaving our hands and arms totally free, in our humble opinion fanny packs, belt bags, hip purses are just plain ugly and awkward. 

So, we invented an attractive replacement for the fanny pack that acted more like a piece of clothing than a bulky bag.

We wanted our arms free while engaged in activities such as toting around an infant, biking, carrying groceries, chasing a toddler on a playground and attending an outdoor music festival like Pickathon. We wanted a skirt that had giant pockets. We wanted a skirt with pockets that we could slip over our other clothing like an apron. 

Our high-waisted apron skirt is simple in design. It is made up of a double-layered piece of fabric divided up into four giant compartments. It has enough space to carry bottles, keys, phone and more.

Our skirt with pockets can be worn over dresses, leggings or alone as a mini skirt. It is also reversible so you can hide the pockets on the inside.

The skirt is made from a 95% Cotton, 5% Spandex blend. The waistband and pocket binding are also 95% Cotton & 5% Spandex except for the Black Triangles and Vibrating Yellow Fabrics which are a Ponte De Roma fabric.

Each Skirt With Pockets is made in Portland, Oregon.

Wash Cold, Dry Low.


Like all the pieces we craft in our studio, this one can be sewn out in different fabrics. 

Just submit a request via our contact form and we will get back to you lickity-split.

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