We print exclusively on U.S.-made, non sweatshop cotton clothing produced by Royal Apparel and Los Angeles Apparel, except for our Gerber Organic Onesies which are made overseas. Baby Wit is constantly researching alternatives for baby and youth apparel production, as we are eager to be working with 100% sweatshop-free manufacturers. Many of our shirts are made from organic cotton and are noted as such.

Tender Wonder Suits are manufactured right here in Portland Oregon by a seamstress we've worked with for over 10 years although currently we are trying to move all production of our Tender Wonder line in-house. Most of the fabrics are sourced from manufacturers in LA who maintain sustainable practices. We use organic cotton blends when we hand-dye. We use remnants from larger product runs (fabric that is left over from larger manufacturers) for our Wonder Suits that we do not hand-dye. We try to purchase organic fabrics whenever possible. 

We make every effort to purchase the products we don't make ourselves from local manufacturers. These products tend to be handmade by one or two person shops like ourselves. We do offer products produced overseas and they are noted as such. Most overseas products are shoes as apparently making shoes in the USA is impossible. Also, many of our licensed rock products are made overseas although we are phasing out all our rock baby clothing as other sites do this much better than us. We are slowly trying to move away from licensed products and only selling Babywit and Tender Wonder branded products produced in our facility. As our stock sells out on these items we will not be replenishing them. We feel that there are tons of other websites carrying these same baby rock shirts now anyway. We hope you think of our websites as a destination for US made goods, original art you won't find anywhere else and small batch clothing made in Portland.

We use only Fiber Reactive Procion Dyes to hand-dye our Tender Wondersuits.

After meeting with representatives from the Portland Office of Sustainable Development and the Department of Environmental Quality, Baby Wit has reduced our environmental impact by bundling our shirts with re-purposed Kraft paper bands from JAE in place of zip-lock bags. We also try and reuse any box that comes through our doors instead of sending it to the recyling heap so your goods may show up at your doorstep in a repurposed box.

Baby Wit has received the Blue Works Business award from the City of Portland Office of Sustainable Development—which means we've made a commitment to recycling, waste prevention, and buying recycled products. This was facilitated by our in-house recycling coordinator in 2004. Kristin is no longer with us but the recycling programs she created do.

Blue Works Business Award

Baby Wit has been using biodegradable plastic shipping bags since 2004, an environmentally-friendly innovation that allows us to continually improve our sustainable practices while maintaining the Baby Wit quality you know and love.

Almost all our promotional material is printed on recycled paper using vegetable inks.

Baby Wit also purchases 100% of its electricity from renewable sources through Green Source at PGE.

Check out the last pieces from our sustainable line called Light and Gravity. All pieces are made from sustainable fabrics including organic cotton, soy, bamboo and PET. We hand printed using non-toxic water-based inks and all our pieces were designed with the cradle to cradle production method in mind. We do our best to employ notions that are natural including coconut buttons and ties in place of zippers and velcro.  Finally, our, amazingly comfy Tender Wonder Suits for infants, invented by an adult who hated putting on clothes that involved buttons or zippers.