The Packhorse Convertible Crossbody Purse / Fanny Pack

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Fanny Pack or Crossbody Purse? You get to choose.



Our fanny pack doesn't look like your traditional butt bag. Made from canvas or twill and paired with the same fabrics we use in our designer face masks, we've created a curved bag you can wear on your hips or across your body.

Photo of houndstooth convertible crossbody bag and matching facemask

There's no strap switching. Just lengthen or shorten the strap according to where you want your bag to hang. The end of the adjustable strap comes with an attached loop so that it doesn't flop around.

Comes with a cute curved pocket on the front. The inside is fully lined with a thick ticking fabric. 

Made to order in Portland Oregon. We can customize your bag if you'd like to mix and match fabrics. For example, the main part of your bag could be black twill and the pocket on the front in the houndstooth pattern. We can also make your bag to match any facemask you order. Just let us know if you don't see it as a fabric option.

It takes us about a week to sew out your bag as we make each one to order. 

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