Toddler Dress Shirts Vintage Neck Ties & Matching Pockets

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Have a wedding or holiday party to attend but have a heck of a time getting your child to wear a tie for any length of time? Well, that's where our awesome and adorable fancy boy t-shirts come into play.

We find vintage ties and attach them to long-sleeved comfy cotton toddler t-shirts. It comes with a fancy matching pocket with just enough space to hold his deck of Uno cards or other very important items. Choose between No Pocket, A Plain Rectangular Pocket or go all out and get the Triangular Pocket (the end of the tie) with a patch sewn on it.

It's all made here in the USA.

To get started, pick the color of shirt you'd like to start with. We will match it with one of our awesome vintage ties. If you are particular about a color scheme, just enter it into the SPECIAL REQUESTS text box and we will see what we can do to match it.

We email you a photo of what we are going to make just to double check it's what you are wanting.

If you want to really surprise someone, we can attach their favorite old, worn-out tie and breathe some new life into it. Send it our way and we'll be happy to attach it to one of our tees. Such an awesome Dad gift!

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