Vim & Vigor Gift Set Available in Adult, Child & Baby Sizes

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This is what people used to say in the old days to mean energy and strength. This was when people had to walk 5 miles to school and back, get up after 15 min to flip the record on their turntable and get up to turn a light or TV on. We're bringing it back cause we are old school. 

Get this in a myriad of size combinations. Outfit siblings, adults and wee babies.

Unless you request otherwise, Vim is printed on Black and Vigor is printed on White.

If you'd like to have it printed on a different color just add a note into the comment section titled SPECIAL REQUESTS. Color options available to sets at the listed price are Baby Blue, Pink, Black & White. Special Requests cannot be returned.

These rad matching shirts are made in the USA and are packaged in a matching muslin gift bag for easy gift giving. 

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