Words Story Songs for Children That Promote Positive Behaviors

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As seen in Pregnancy & Newborn's Fall 2012 Buyers Guide. Created in Portland by a para-educator, two teachers and a second grader to reinforce pro-social behavior kids with autism, these songs do oh so much more. I stuck this CD into my car CD player two months ago and still have not removed it and as long as my kids are soothed by it I have no intention of pushing that eject button. It may be stuck in there permanently. Anytime my neuro-typical kids start bickering I turn on this little piece of magic and turn two irrational beasts into two little angels singing their happy hearts out. Atticus' favorite song is "It's okay to say okay", Ava's is "Use Your Words" and my personal favorite is "Build me Up, Don't put me Down." I thought no one else had this CD but apparently it's gotten out and around in Portland because the other day Atticus' friend got into the car and started singing "It's okay to say okay" (a great brainwashing song.) Best 12 bucks you'll spend this year on your kids well being. Songs and Music by Kevin Okerlund. Produced in Portland, OR and made in the USA.