Yin Yang Gift Set Available in Adult, Child & Baby Sizes

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Everyone has some Yin & some Yang. Some folks have more Yin than others but joined together with their wonder twin....those total holistic powers will activate. Available in sizes for the entire family all the way from infant up to adult.

Unless you request otherwise, Yin (dark) is printed on Asphalt Grey and Yang on White.

If you'd like to have it printed on a different color just add a note into the comment section titled SPECIAL REQUESTS. Color options available to sets at the listed price are Baby Blue, Pink, Black & White. Organic colors & baseball jerseys are extra. Special Requests cannot be returned.

Made in the good old USA. One of the funnest ways to show your groupness is by wearing sets of weird t-shirts together. Two shirts come packaged together in a cute matching cotton gift bag.

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