Activist Baby Clothes

A collection of lefty shirts for all those parents who believe in weird, nutty concepts like equality for all, reparations for those we have caused harm to and keeping the planet clean for the next generation.

Ever wonder what you can do to help pass on a better world to future generations? We've heard the biggest impact you can have is making your voices heard to change how corporations behave. Our most powerful tools are how we spend our money and whom we give our vote to. 

We can make a difference. Take to the streets. We're not saying that activist baby clothes will make any difference at all but at the very least it's teaching your children that you believe they can have an impact.

*Please note that none of the items we craft are endorsed by or affiliated with any celebrities, public figures, intellectual property, copyright or trademark. No infringement is intended and no endorsement is implied. All the graphics we design are believed to be created within our rights under the U.S. Copyright Fair Use Act.